New 20-Watt UltraMax® eHID Ballast Delivers Energy Savings, Design Flexibility

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  A compact, new energy-saving eHID ballast designed for lighting applications that utilize GE Appliances & Lighting's 20-watt ConstantColor® CMH® ceramic metal halide lamps operates at 90 percent efficiency and provides up to 70 percent energy savings vs. 75-watt halogen light sources. Retail and commercial applications for the 20-watt UltraMax® eHID ballast from GE include display, track, accent, recessed down light, and decorative outdoor lighting.
"Combining our new low-watt UltraMax eHID ballast with any of our new or existing 20-watt ConstantColor CMH lamps is an ideal solution for energy-saving retrofits or new installations where a major goal is to meet new energy density standards for buildings," notes Jeff Plaskon, North America ballast product manager, GE Appliances & Lighting.
At 95mm x 40mm x 25.4mm in size, the new ballast is 56 percent smaller than industry standard 20-watt housings, a change that enables greater flexibility in fixture designs. The 25.4mm width allows customers to design track fixture housings that are flush to the width of the track. In addition to excellent energy savings and high efficiency, the 20-watt UltraMax eHID ballast:
  • Operates at 90 percent efficiency – a 20-watt lamp operates at an ultra-low 22.5 watts.
  • Delivers 15 percent energy savings vs. magnetic HID ballasts.
  • Operates cool for increased efficiency and reliability; carries an 80-degrees Celcius rating and five-year limited warranty.
  • Maximizes system performance and lamp life with low-frequency, square-wave operation.
  • Improves lumen maintenance vs. magnetic ballasts.
  • Reduces visual flicker and enables more consistent lamp-to-lamp color.
  • Maintains excellent output regulation with +/- 10 percent line voltage regulation.
  • Is thermally protected and transient protected..
  • Meets IEC and ANSI requirements for metal halide systems
UltraMax®, ConstantColor® and CMH® are registered trademarks of General Electric Company.