Silver-Coated Lining: Retail HIR™ and Silver Saver™ Lamps Cut Costs, Add Lumens

CLEVELAND, Ohio  (NYSE: GE)  Retailers looking to save money will find that switching out standard halogen PAR 38 lamps with Retail HIR™ lamps from GE Appliances & Lighting can make a profound difference — financially and visually. GE's exclusive silver-coated reflector technology and thin-film HIR filament tube design combine to allow a 55-watt Retail HIR™ lamp to deliver up to 42 percent more lumens per watt than standard 75-watt halogen lamps while producing comparable light output (1050 lumens).
Retail HIR lamps — available in 45-, 55- and 90-watt spots and floods — provide as much as a 27 percent reduction in energy costs and a 60 percent longer life (4,000 hours) when compared with standard halogen lamps. The longer life translates nicely as a way to lower maintenance costs. Over the life of the lamp, these advantages could amount to a 28 percent operating-cost savings (assuming $2 in labor cost, 4400 annual burn hours and $0.10/kWh)
GE Retail HIR lamps serve virtually any lighting purpose — indoors and out. Applications include accent lighting, merchandising displays, and general illumination in offices, lobbies and public buildings. The robust HIR-coated filament tube and lens virtually eliminate UV-B and UV-C radiation to help reduce fading and discoloration of displays.
Silver Saver™ lamps from GE Appliances & Lighting provide up to 12 percent energy savings vs. standard halogen PAR38 lamps. In addition to lasting 20 percent longer than standard halogen lamps, Silver Saver lamps deliver up to 14 percent more lumens per watt. Silver Saver lamps are available in 53-, 66- and 79-watt spots and floods, and in either 120-volt or 130-volt versions.
GE Appliances & Lighting encourages customers to work with GE distributors to address wasteful spending on energy. Some helpful software tools include the company's Cost of Waiting Estimator, available online at, and ValueLight, GE's advanced, proprietary cost-of-light tool available exclusively through GE distributors.
For more information about GE Retail HIR lamps or other GE halogen products, please visit or call 1-800-GE-LAMPS.
Silver Saver™ and Retail HIR™ are trademarks of General Electric Company.