Ultra Value: Tetra™ Ultra White LED Lighting System Nearly Doubles Light Output

VALLEY VIEW, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  Retail, restaurant, hospital, grocery and casino operators wanting even more value and far more light output in LED signage and lighting solutions will appreciate the new patent-pending Tetra™ Ultra LED lighting system from GELcore, LLC. It's an optimal light engine choice for channel letter, reverse halo and cove lighting applications because it delivers an 88 percent increase in white LED light output compared with GELcore's Tetra CL white LED lighting system, while consuming the same amount of energy.
Strides in thermal management and design enable the Tetra Ultra LED lighting system to use fewer LEDs with brighter intensity and a wider viewing angle to improve light and color uniformity at the channel-letter face. These innovations provide up to 30 lumens per foot vs. the 16 lumens per foot maximum offered by the Tetra CL white LED lighting system.
"Our Tetra Ultra LED lighting system boosts value by delivering a far more intense white light without increased energy consumption," says Ryan Rodau, Tetra product manager, GELcore. "On top of this energy-efficiency advantage, our solution offers end-users GE reliability, virtually no maintenance and flexible installation."
The Tetra Ultra LED lighting solution is a low-voltage (24 VDC) system that delivers hassle-free operation in the form of fewer system changes, lower maintenance costs, and fewer disruptions due to burned out or broken tubes, failed transformers or cold weather. It also provides peace of mind with a limited four-year warranty that covers over 35,000 hours of continuous operation.
In addition to increased brightness, low energy consumption, user-friendly installation and versatility, the Tetra Ultra white LED lighting system offers:
  • Greater color control and reduced color variation through tighter LED binning specifications and an improved phosphor coating process.
  • Versatile construction with a design that fits in medium-size channel letter sets and a variety of other signage and architectural applications. It provides end-users with an increased LED spacing flexibility that can optimize light output.
  • Superior thermal management because the system is designed to draw heat away from the LED and to operate below the maximum operating current. This maximizes LED life and minimizes LED depreciation.
  • Corrosion protection with a rugged thermoplastic encasement that provides protection against harmful environments (IP66 rating).
  • Regulated power supply that controls output voltage and is Class II rated for optimal LED performance.
The Tetra Ultra LED Lighting system carries UL recognition and classification for US, CSA for Canada, CE for Europe and C-tick for Australia.
Tetra is trademark of GELcore, LLC.
About GELcore
GELcore LLC, a joint venture of General Electric Company and EMCORE Corporation, drives innovation, energy efficiency and cost savings for industries that use LED products, systems and solutions. Fitted with patented, low-voltage, long-life LED light engines, GELcore solutions deliver world-class, GE-grade performance. For more information about GELcore, please call 216.606.6555 or visit www.gelcore.com.