Tetra™ Mini Brings Bright Light to Small Signage Applications

CLEVELAND, Ohio  (NYSE: GE)  The new Tetra™ Mini LED Lighting System from GELcore LLC, brings bright, long–lasting, energy-efficient LED lighting to restricted–space signage applications in retail, restaurant, grocery, casino and hospitality settings. In addition to going where neon can't go — small letter sets with narrow channel widths or shallow return depths — the Tetra Mini LED Lighting System provides up to 60 percent energy savings versus standard neon.
More specifically, the Tetra Mini LED Lighting System fits small spaces as narrow as 0.5 inches (12.7mm) in width and 2 inches (50.8mmm) in height. The patent-pending Tetra Mini Lighting System uses high-brightness LEDs and an advanced thermal-management design to create outstanding light intensity and even illumination in a variety of signage and architectural applications.
"With the Tetra Mini, there's finally an energy-efficient solution for small-space signage applications," says Ryan Rodau, Tetra product manager. "The Tetra Mini LED System provides excellent appearance and light intensity while enabling letter faces — both reverse halo and channel letters — to be placed closer to the light source. This allows for the use of a wider variation of fonts and more detailed scripts than had ever been possible before."
Rodau says the Tetra Mini LED System is a "global solution," meaning its small-footprint and energy-saving features can be applied to signage the world over. In fact, its design was partially inspired by European preferences for smaller illuminated signs using a variety of font and script styles.
Available in white, red and amber, the Tetra Mini LED Lighting System offers robust operation and years of trouble-free maintenance, a well-established LED-versus-neon advantage. By drawing heat away from the LED, the Tetra Mini LED Lighting System operates below the maximum operating current to maximize lamp life and minimize lumen depreciation. An impact-resistant thermoplastic exterior provides long life, even in cold weather, and protects against corrosion and other harmful environmental effects.
Additional Tetra Mini LED System features include low-voltage (24 VDC) requirements and a polarity insensitive electrical design, which eliminates the need to match positive and negative wires. The system is easy to install, has Class-II rated power supplies that regulate output voltage, and has an IP66 weatherability rating for indoor and outdoor use.
The Tetra Mini LED Lighting System is UL recognized and classified in the U.S., CSA approved in Canada, CE approved in Europe and C-Tick approved in Australia. GELcore offers a limited warranty of up to five years or 40,000+ hours of continuous operation.
Tetra™ is a trademark of GELcore, LLC.
About GELcore
GELcore LLC, a joint venture of General Electric Company and EMCORE Corporation, drives innovation, energy efficiency and cost savings for industries that use LED products, systems and solutions. Fitted with patented, low-voltage, long-life LED light engines, GELcore solutions deliver world-class, GE-grade performance. For more information about GELcore, please call 216.606.6612 or visit www.gelcore.com.