GE Lighting Welcomes ELC Initiative to Adapt International Regulations for the Distribution of Lamp Types Mainly Used in Professional Applications

BUDAPEST, Hungary  (NYSE: GE)  GE Lighting has expressed its backing for the initiative announced by the European Lamp Companies Federation (ELC) to work towards a simplification of international regulations governing the transportation and distribution of products, such as high intensity discharge lamps, containing small amounts of substances emitting ionising radiation. The high intensity discharge lamps in question are primarily used in professional and industrial applications such as for example chip production and water sterilization. The transportation and use of these lamps are completely without any health risk, as has been confirmed by independent studies, for example commissioned by the European Union. The radiation intensity of this type of lamp is less than one hundredth of the natural radiation to which each individual is exposed in everyday life. 

Despite clear evidence that these lamps are absolutely harmless to health, different national legislation and regulations currently stipulate the labelling of this type of lamp as a hazardous substance. Consequently, GE Lighting supports a change in the international regulations governing these products and is fully behind the Federation's initiative. At the same time, GE Lighting strives to ensure legal certainty and together with the other ELC member companies is currently reviewing the complicated rules and regulations. GE Lighting has decided that pending the outcome of this legal assessment, it will label the corresponding lamp types according to the existing regulations up until the ruling is amended. This will include information and close collaboration with logistic service providers.

Press contacts:
Jürgen Sturm, ELC, Secretary General, +32 474 998 864
Kinga Kalocsai, GE Lighting EMEA, PR & Communications Manager, +361 399 1455