Small is Big: Next-Gen GE UltraMax® Micro eHID Ballasts Outshine Halogen

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  GE Appliances & Lighting's new RoHS-compliant 20-watt and 39-watt UltraMax® micro electronic high-intensity discharge ballasts — an amazingly small 2.99 inches (76mm) x 1.3 inches (33mm) x 1.10 inches (28mm) — are cool-running, lightweight and smaller than most halogen transformers, enabling a fit within today's newest HID track head fixtures. 

Designed to meet retailers' long-life lighting needs and reduce energy costs, GE's new UltraMax micro eHID ballasts, when operating Constant Color® ceramic metal halide HID lamps, provide up to 70 percent energy savings compared with standard halogen lighting systems, and up to 15 percent energy savings compared with magnetic HID ballasts.

The new system provides 4 to 6 times the lamp life of a standard halogen system, and operates at greater than 90 percent efficiency, a factor that allows the ballast to run extremely cool despite its small size. Its long rated life is backed by a 5-year ballast limited warranty. The lamp output regulation of the new ballast system virtually eliminates lamp flickering and color shift from lamp to lamp.

"Our new UltraMax micro eHID ballasts help provide significant wattage savings and color control with ceramic metal halide lamps," says Jeff Plaskon, ballast product manager, GE Appliances & Lighting. "Now retailers can meet strict watts-per-square-foot requirements with small, attractive track head fixtures. And they won't give up the low system watts and cool ballast operation needed for extended ballast life."

The smallest new HID track head fixtures were designed around this ballast size, however only 20-watt ballasts were available. Now, fixture manufacturers can use existing fixture tooling designed for the small 20-watt footprint for the 39-watt ballast.

UltraMax® and ConstantColor® are registered trademarks of General Electric Company.