GE's New 400-Watt HID Lamps Offer Better Efficiency, Lower Maintenance

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  New 400-watt high intensity discharge (HID) ceramic metal halide lamps from GE Appliances & Lighting represent the next step in creating a more efficient, longer life solution for churches, schools and other commercial facilities that require wall washing or simple spot lamps with a high color-rendering index. The new HID lamps are designed to fit a variety of fixtures that may currently use halogen light sources. 

GE's CMH® 400/941/GX9.5 and CMH 400/932/GX9.5 are at least three times more efficient than standard 1200-watt halogen lamps used in similar specialty lighting applications, and their long lifespan ensures fewer maintenance hassles and lower overall operating costs. The lamps also produce less heat, which means fewer mechanical requirements are needed to cool fixtures-an important distinction for end-users in the "architainment" lighting industry.

In addition to offering a ceramic metal halide-based maintenance-free solution, GE CMH 400/941/GX9.5 and CMH 400/932/GX9.5 lamps provide a maximum light output of 40,000 lumens, with a rated life of more than 6,000 hours. These HID lamps deliver a correlated color temperature of 3200K and 4100K and a 90-plus color-rendering index.

"Our goal was to design a product that delivered the efficiency of discharge technology, while offering the high CRI and long life that GE CMH technology can provide," says Tim Miller, GE entertainment lighting product general manager. "By adding a standard base used for entertainment fixtures and a smaller outer jacket, this new series offers a lot of flexibility for new and retrofit fixture designs."