Shopping for Lighting Doesn‘t Have to Be a Dizzying Experience

GE‘s packaging and product names, and its work with retailers, help consumers navigate the changing face of the lighting aisle

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  Consumers walking the length of the lighting aisle at their local hardware, discount, club or big box store may feel the urge to keep walking and avoid buying replacement light bulbs. That sweat–inducing, white–knuckled shopping experience — knowing you need bulbs but not being sure you‘re getting fitting replacements — may happen less often when it'‘s GE lighting products on store shelves.

“The pace of technological change is faster now than any other period in the 100–plus year history of our industry,” says Kathy Sterio, general manager of consumer marketing, GE Appliances & Lighting. “Over the past year, we‘ve more than doubled the number of GE Energy Smart® LED products now available to consumers. We‘ve grown our GE Energy Smart line of compact fluorescent light bulbs to the point where nearly every socket in the home could be outfitted with an energy saving bulb. And at the beginning of the year, we introduced an exclusive, covered CFL that looks like an incandescent light bulb. That‘s a lot of change for consumers to digest.”

GE works closely with its retailer customers to be sure the orientation of the lighting aisle helps consumers solve problems. “We regularly evaluate how to best serve consumers‘ information needs,” notes Sterio. “Our packaging provides a wealth of information for consumers. Every retailer has its own viewpoint on how to best present light bulbs to consumers but all our customers devote a great deal of time to the organization of products and signage. It‘s something we‘re always analyzing and improving.”

Good packaging brings a sense of calm to light bulb shopping
Consider the company‘s new Reveal® CFL family of bulbs. The packaging for the 13–watt version clearly spells out that it offers the comparable light output (800 lumens) of a 60–watt incandescent Reveal light bulb. It also highlights the energy savings ($38 in energy) and length of service (lasts 5 years based on rated life at 4 hours consumer use per day at 120V) .

“Consumers will also notice that there‘s great logic to our choice of product names,” adds Sterio. “When you‘re in the store looking for a product that can save you some money on your energy bill, you‘ll find the GE options — both CFLs and LEDs — are called GE Energy Smart. It‘s important that we keep it simple and put ourselves in the shoes of consumers. They just want the right light for their lamp or fixture.”

Packaging for the company‘s Reveal® line of bulbs — incandescents and the new CFLs — features a blue sky background that‘s intended to help consumers realize the bulbs are a good choice for lighting that can enhance colors. The packaging is updated and contemporary but it is reflective of the way GE packaged the Reveal® incandescent line when it launched in October 2001.

Lighting help is a mouse click away
To learn more about new GE Reveal CFLs, GE Energy Smart CFLs, or GE Energy Smart LEDs, or to locate a well–organized lighting aisle at a GE retailer, visit

Another informative and entertaining online resource is GE‘s recently launched (also reachable at It‘s intended to help consumers weigh whether their interior lighting choices match their personal style. At the site, designer and “GE Lighting Guy” Brice Cooper describes various distinct lighting personalities, while offering tips and techniques that will help create a room to reflect different lighting styles. It gives consumers access to a library of videos, printable files filled with lighting design tips, and recommendations for ENERGY STAR®-certified GE Energy Smart light bulbs needed to create each mood.