GE Lighting Establishes ESCO Energy Services Program for Collaborative Approach to Energy Savings

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  GE Lighting's dedication to providing customers with a full-service approach to energy savings has resulted in the establishment of an ESCO Energy Services Program and alliances with selected energy services companies (ESCOs). Through the program, GE aims to help customers explore energy strategies that take into account such factors as cost-of-light payback, return on investment, rebates, financing and government incentives that can reduce investment costs. 

“The ESCOs involved meet high customer service, integrity and credibility standards,” says Lou Mane, ESCO sales development manager with GE Lighting, a unit of GE Appliances & Lighting. “By working together, we're better able to develop comprehensive strategies for customers' lighting and electrical controls, motors, drives and overall building management. These alliances enhance our ability to help customers develop all-encompassing plans for energy savings.”

The primary focus of this approach is to analyze, design and implement solutions that work together to conserve energy for customers over the long term. Throughout the process, including planning and installation, GE's specification team will work closely with customers and ESCOs to create customized plans that ensure optimal energy-saving results and seamless transitions. Several lighting service providers currently using GE products have witnessed considerable increases in energy-efficient projects.

Blake Hunt, a principal of Illuminating Technologies based in Greensboro, N.C., suggests that, “lighting upgrades provide a quick and easy way to reduce the cost of energy consumption and create real bottom-line savings for our clients.” He adds, “Customers can often leverage simple payback tools to make a quick determination of the value of a project for single locations or for company-wide structural changes. Having the right application knowledge and great GE products to get there creates seamless solutions that our clients trust to operate as designed.”

Norma Frank, a principal of Colorado Lighting, Inc., an industry leader providing sustainable energy options and strong solution-driven efficiency projects, says the customer base is sophisticated and understands the benefits of saving energy. “Colorado Lighting delivers an excellent return on investment for customers by utilizing GE’s energy-efficient products and installation expertise, resulting in significant monetary savings and environmental stewardship.”

Mane says the ESCO relationships enable GE to go far beyond the circuit breaker, switch and lamp. “We want to help customers meet and exceed their energy goals, specifically in commercial, property management, government, institutional, retail, healthcare, and industrial settings where energy savings can provide a strategic advantage.”

Customers and ESCOs can learn more by writing to