New GE Lighting Technology Brings Changes to the Lighting Aisle

GE Energy Smart® LED light bulbs now available for use in the home

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  Selecting a light bulb was once simply a matter of deciding on the wattage, the shape and the brand. But emerging lighting technologies, such as light–emitting diodes (LEDs), are providing consumers with an increasing number of choices.

“Consumers may be noticing the changing face of the lighting aisle as they shop for what was once a very simple product — the light bulb,” noted Kathy Sterio, general manager of consumer marketing, GE Appliances & Lighting. “Groundbreaking innovations over the past decade are helping GE bring to market products that produce a high quality of light while using just a fraction of the energy of the familiar incandescent bulb. LEDs are the next step.”

LEDs are the future of lighting technology. They are vastly different from traditional incandescent, fluorescent, and neon light sources and can use up to 80 percent less energy. Innovators at GE have created Energy Smart® LED bulbs that are available for use in the home, as well as in commercial settings.

LEDs give off a cool, white light that‘s perfect for accenting artwork or highlighting interesting architectural details like coves or archways. LED bulbs also are great for areas that need accent illumination such as stairways or under kitchen cabinets.

How LEDs are different
  • GE LEDs are energy efficient and offer long life and low–voltage operation.
  • LEDs are durable solid–state devices, so there‘s no filament to break.
  • The longer rated life of LEDs minimizes maintenance hassles and costs. As a result, consumers seldom have to get out the ladder to change the bulb in the stairwell or other awkward location.
  • GE LEDs provide excellent cold–weather performance.
  • Because LEDs are so inexpensive to operate, consumers won‘t break the bank by leaving a light on for extra security while away from home.
Some GE LED bulbs are highly directional, making them ideal accent lights, while other configurations are more suited for general downlighting applications.

Find these new bulbs in the lighting aisle

The 10–watt GE Energy Smart LED lamp produces 340 lumens and offers up to 80 percent energy savings compared with 45–watt standard incandescent R30 bulbs (485 lumens) or 50–watt halogen PAR30 bulbs (630 lumens). It‘s a worthy replacement if a consumer can reduce light levels. Its rated life is 20,000 hours and it's offered in both standard and long-neck varieties.

The 7–watt GE Energy Smart LED lamp produces 200 lumens and reduces energy consumption by 77 percent when compared with standard 30–watt incandescent R20 reflectors (200 lumens). If a consumer can reduce light levels, it could replace halogen 50–watt PAR20 bulbs (570 lumens). It features a 20,000–hour rated life.

GE LED bulbs are available at retailers nationwide. Consumers could expect to find the 7–watt GE Energy Smart LED for about $35 and the 10–watt GE Energy Smart LED in the $40 to $45 range (retailers establish their own pricing).

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