The Road to Energy Savings: GE Introduces New, Award-Winning Cobrahead LED Street Light

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. — (NYSE: GE)  GE Lighting Solutions leads an light-emitting diode (LED) charge with its expansion in the roadway lighting segment: the new Evolve™ LED R150 Cobrahead luminaire features an advanced LED optical system that provides improved horizontal and vertical uniformity, reduced glare and improved lighting control. Voted as Best-in-Class in the Next Generation Luminaires™ Design Competition, the Evolve LED R150 Cobrahead can yield a 40 percent reduction in system energy compared with standard metal halide systems, depending on roadway applications, and more than 10 years of service life, reducing maintenance frequency. 

“There is certainly a growing movement toward LEDs in the roadway lighting industry,” says Tim Miller, global product manager – LED Fixtures, GE Lighting. “Many stimulus projects are geared toward replacing HID lighting with LED lighting in street applications, but the biggest drivers are energy and maintenance savings.”

GE Lighting Solutions combined the traditional HID street light with LED technology and the Evolve optic light engine to create the new LED luminaire. The Evolve optic design optimizes distribution, reduces glare, and offers high utilization. The contoured cobrahead-shaped housing closely resembles existing fixtures in the field and incorporates a heat-sink-fin design that not only provides excellent thermal management for extended LED life, but also allows for water run-off to minimize the build-up of dirt on the exterior of the fixture.

LEDs are a solid-state light source and more durable than traditional lamps. The LED photometric control contributes to color consistency, greater optical control to provide light only where desired, improved fixture efficiency for lower operating cost, and better control of spill light to reduce light pollution and trespass.

Unlike standard metal halide lights, which need to be changed every two to three years, the Evolve LED R150 Cobrahead can offer a greater than 10-year service life — it's rated for 80 percent of initial lumens (L80) at 50,000 hours and has field-replaceable components (light engine, driver) when maintenance is necessary.