Make Over a Room with One Finger, GE Lighting and an iPhone

Consumers can virtually light a room, create shopping list to demystify light bulb shopping
CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  As easy as flipping a switch, consumers can now make over the lighting in a room to better fit their moods and personality with GE Lighting's new iPhone application. The GE Mood Cam™ app allows users to snap pictures of indoor environments, such as a kitchen, living room or bedroom, and change the mood of the room by sliding the Moodometer™ tool to adjust the look from warm (cozy) to vibrant (energetic/creative).
These filters within the “GE Moodometer™” simulate — with the swipe of a finger — what a room might look like based on a variety of lighting effects, including six different mood selections that relate to user preferences.

“Our whole effort springs from the idea that consumers ought to be able to experiment, learn and interact with lighting,” says Brian Sroub, chief marketing officer, GE Lighting. “We're making that a reality with a cutting-edge mobile platform that's changing the lives of consumers everywhere.”

The app is a natural extension of GE's 'What's Your Lighting Style?™ website (, which enables consumers to design with light while enhancing their understanding of how lighting contributes to a room's overall lighting style.

The free app provides a Three-Step Bulb Finder that helps users quickly find the right light bulb for the right fixture. Users can produce a shopping list of bulbs that will create a particular mood, and save the list in an at-a-glance format for simple viewing in the lighting aisle of their favorite store. They can also email themselves their custom photos and bulb shopping lists for even easier reference at the store. Insider design tips are offered to help round out the user's vision for a mood-inspired room.

“At its core, this app helps to emphasize for iPhone users how lighting is as important as the paint, furniture and other décor in a room,” adds Sroub. “The advent of general lighting with LEDs and the ever-increasing variety of CFLs now available to consumers can make navigation of the lighting aisle pretty daunting. We're here to help consumers better understand how to do more with lighting in their homes. We're empowering them.”

The GE Mood Cam™ application can be downloaded for free at the iTunes store or

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