Jump, Jive and Jersey: Theatre Strikes a Chord with GE LED, Fluorescent and Halogen Lighting

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  The dramatic three-story lobby of the Jersey Boys Theatre in Las Vegas, Nev., takes its cue from the play  a cinematic journey based on Frankie Valli's rise to stardom. The architect's vision was to create a pulsating environment while transitioning from the lobby into the theatre like a movie. 

The use of GE Tetra® Power White LEDs in undulating ceiling reveals and wall planes creates an architectural connection between the entry portal and lobby. The combination of uplit walls, indirect LED coves, and low-voltage accent lights is visually stimulating, but not overpowering.

“GE's Tetra systems perfectly optimize energy efficiency while maximizing design flexibility and creativity,” says Mary Beth Gotti, manager of GE's Lighting & Electrical Institute. “This allows each surface to be treated with a different lighting effect, so visual harmony can be achieved by complementing the unique characteristics of each material within the space.”

Inspired by 1950's style architecture, the dramatic folded plane ceiling is illuminated with dimmable GE T5 High Output Ecolux® fluorescent lamps. These fixtures provide sufficient general illumination and accent architectural features.

Along the perimeter, uplighting with GE 37-watt Precise™ IR MR16 halogen lamps enhances the texture of the walls and provides ambient lighting beneath the grand staircase. In the queuing area, an intricate chandelier is surrounded by a halo of kinetic projector lights that illuminate the specular elements within the terrazzo floors and graze the metallic decorative fixture.

An ETC control system regulates light levels within the theater, distinguishing pre-show, intermission and post-show moods. Separate circuiting for lighting zones allows feature lighting in the lobby to be individually controlled.

An important goal of the project was to create a unique lighting environment in compliance with the stringent energy codes required for LEED® Silver certification. The use of new lamp technology throughout the Jersey Boys Theatre allowed the lighting power allocation to remain at 1.5 watts per square foot. And with consistent teamwork, the project was completed in time for the accelerated grand opening.

This lighting project is among several recognized during the 2008 GE Edison Awards held in May 2009.

LEED® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council.