The Fixture is in: SHOWBIZ®–Equipped Martin Fixture to Light up Entertainment Venues

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  GE Appliances & Lighting has developed the SHOWBIZ® CSR short, double–ended metal halide lamp to fit a new, compact fixture produced by the world's largest moving–lights manufacturer, Martin. The Martin MAC 575 Krypton fixture comes exclusively with GE's SHOWBIZ CSR575/S/DE/70 lamp. It combines efficient optics for brighter output and reliable, low–maintenance performance for entertainment applications. 

The 575–watt lamp features chromised seals that withstand temperatures as high as 500 degrees Celsius. The robustly designed lamp also offers a 750–hour rated life, a color temperature of 7000 Kelvin and a 65–plus color–rendering index (CRI). The 7mm arc gap of the lamp enables better optical control for optimized performance. This lamp, like all GE CSR SHOWBIZ lamps, offers greater color stability and excellent lumen maintenance.

GE offers a family of SHOWBIZ lamps for moving–lights applications that call for high color temperatures and bright light sources. Precise chemical dosing in all SHOWBIZ CSR lamps produce stable lamp color temperatures over the life of the products, and ensure consistent performance in all fixtures types.

Developed through the GE Six Sigma process, this SHOWBIZ CSR lamps further expands GE's full range of high–performance stage and studio lamps. Every SHOWBIZ product, including SHOWBIZ CSR lamps, incorporates the latest lighting technologies.

SHOWBIZ® is a registered trademark of General Electric Company.

About Martin
Martin is a producer and distributor of computer controlled lighting, also called "intelligent lighting", high technology luminaires utilized throughout all sectors of the entertainment industry. Martin also produces a complete line of Jem smoke machines as a complement to intelligent lighting. Other important areas of application include the growing market for indoor and outdoor architectural and promotional lighting. Martin offers both dedicated exterior luminaires and specialized lights for retail settings. For more information, go to