Weekend Project: Entertaining Gatherings

Create a visual separation between the cooking and socializing areas in the kitchen by using lighting. 


• Install accent lights, such as pendant lighting, over the kitchen island to create a visual divide between the cooking and entertaining spaces in the kitchen
• Change out existing floodlights to bring out textures in countertops; use GE Reveal® halogen frosted globes
• Use puck (under–cabinet) lighting for kitchen tasks; use GE Edison™ halogen bulbs
• Add accent lighting in kitchen cabinets to highlight collectibles and fine china
• For additional visual impact, swap out wood shelves for glass to allow the light to cascade through the cabinet
• Create a self–service area for guests by displaying drinks, barware and snacks in space away from the food preparation
• Add light dimmers to provide alternate mood settings in the kitchen (optional)

Shopping list:

• Pendant light conversion kit (if applicable)
• 10" ceiling medallions
• Glass shelving (if applicable)
• Ice bucket
• Spice rack
• Stainless steel utensil holders
• Silver towel holder
• Silver platter
• Dimmer switch (optional)
• Puck light kit (under–cabinet lighting) GE Edison halogen bulbs (double–pin T3 Quartz 20–watt recommended))
• GE Reveal halogen floodlights (PAR38, 75–watt recommended)
• GE Reveal frosted globe (40–watt recommended)

Kitchen Makeover Video
Kitchen Makeover Instructions PDF