Weekend Project: Redefining a Room

Turn a drab laundry room into a multifunctional space — perfect for hobbies and crafts, and use lighting specifically designed for each area. 


• Define space for washer/dryer
• Surround area with drapes or decorative curtains for a softer look
• Allow 1' space between curtain and appliances for fire safety
• Above washer and dryer, use GE Reveal® floodlights
• Add shelving and cabinets above appliance area to take advantage of space
• Use decorative baskets to organize laundry items
• Create a workspace for hobbies, gift wrapping and laundry folding by adding a large table and wall cabinet
• Hang decorative curtain rods above table to hold wrapping paper
• Personalize the room with a chair, chandelier, pictures and rug
• Use GE Reveal decorative bulbs in chandelier
• Add lighting fixture for tabletop task lighting
• Use GE Edison™ halogen bulb for task lighting for hobbies and crafts

Shopping list:

• Valance and valance rods
• Curtains
• Shelving and brackets
• Decorative baskets
• Large wooden table
• Wall cabinet with door
• Decorative curtain rods (to hold wrapping paper)
• Hooks to hold decorative rods
• Wrapping paper and ribbons
• Chair, pictures, rug
• Chandelier (or any other type of decorative light fixture)
• Tabletop task light with adjustable swing–arm
• GE Edison halogen bulb (60–watt recommended)
• GE Reveal floodlights (PAR38, 75–watt recommended)
• GE Reveal decorative bulbs for chandelier (40–watt recommended)

Laundry Room Makeover Video
Laundry Room Makeover Instructions PDF