Moving Ahead: New SHOWBIZ® CSR Single–Ended Metal Halide Lamps Fit Moving–Head Fixture

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  GE Appliances & Lighting introduces two new SHOWBIZ® CSR single–ended metal halide lamps to its growing family of lamps for event and moving–lights applications that call for high color temperatures and brighter light sources. 

Perfect for use in the SGM Giotto 400 moving–head fixture, the SHOWBIZ CSR400/SE/HR/75 with a color temperature of 7500 Kelvin complements GE's current 6000–Kelvin offering, the SHOWBIZ CSR400/SE/HR/60. The new lamp's 1,000–hour rated life is 25 percent better than industry standard CSR400/SE/HR/60 lamps.

Another new option for moving–head fixtures used in event lighting is the SHOWBIZ CSR700/SA/72, which offers a color temperature of 7200 Kelvin. It, too, complements a current SHOWBIZ offering, the 6000–Kelvin CSR700/SA/60.

"Both of these new lamps give customers greater flexibility with different color temperatures for theatrical, event or nightclub applications," says Gerry Schuh, SHOWBIZ product manager. "That's our ultimate goal — to give customers more options."

Precise chemical dosing in all SHOWBIZ CSR lamps produces stable lamp color temperatures over the life of the products, and ensures consistent performance in all types of fixtures.

Developed through the GE Six Sigma process, these new SHOWBIZ CSR lamps fill out GE's full range of high–performance stage and studio lamps. SHOWBIZ CSR lamps incorporate the latest lighting technologies and are produced to world–class standards.