Ultra Control for Ultra Violet Emissions: GE SHOWBIZ® lamp line offers variety of UV controls

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  With rising awareness of UV emissions during filming, in production and on set, GE leads the way with its SHOWBIZ® CSR Ultraviolet Control (UV–C) lamps. The new lamps feature specially crafted absorbing quartz that enables excellent performance without compromise. UV emissions are significantly reduced compared to GE‘s standard CSR hot–restrike lamps  up to 85 percent in the UVB and UVC range. GE offers a large range of UV–C lamps from 200W to 6kW, so no matter the situation, the GE SHOWBIZ CSR UV–C lamp line will offer a solution. 

“GE‘s exclusive, new SHOWBIZ CSR UV–C lamps represent a new milestone in addressing the film industry‘s desire for lower UV products,” says Tim Miller, GE entertainment lighting product general manager. “GE has created these lamps that cut UV emissions by more than 85 percent. We see SHOWBIZ CSR UV–C lamps now becoming a standard industry choice.”

These are the newest additions to the SHOWBIZ line. The UV–C lamps are perfect for use in film production settings where maximum light output, reliability, color stability, and UV emission reduction are critically important. The new lamps also reduce UVB and UVC by more than 95 percent, compared with GE‘s standard CSR hot–restrike lamps.

Designed for use in PAR or Fresnel fixtures, the new line of SHOWBIZ CSR UV–C lamps features wattages of 575, 800, 1200, 2500, 4000, and 6000, with future development for 12000. Each lamp provides light output matching non–UV–C lamps in the respective wattages.

Color temperatures of the SHOWBIZ CSR UV–C lamps are 5800 degrees Kelvin. Rated life for each lamp in the new line runs between 300 and 750 hours, depending on the wattage; all of the lamps in the new line provide a color rendering index over 90.