GE T5 UltraStart® Watt-Miser® Line Now Features a High-Output Lamp with the Lowest Wattage

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE) — As if wattage savings, parallel operation and fast start times weren't enough reasons to switch to GE's T5 UltraStart™ Watt-Miser® System, GE Lighting is giving customers one more motivation: lamp options. The new 47-watt T5 is the lowest wattage, high output lamp in the industry, giving customers more flexibility in lamp selection for various retail, industrial, commercial, warehouse, gymnasium and general high-bay applications. 

“Customers, specifiers and OEMs alike are telling us they want more ways to save energy in high-bay systems yet they still want the convenience of parallel lamp operation and fast start times,” says Gino Marella, linear fluorescent product manager, GE Lighting. “Energy savings is paramount in any business, so with the 47-watt product extension, we're giving customers one more option to deliver consistent light to maintain profitability and ensure their facility is maximizing every dollar spent.”

GE's UltraStart Watt-Miser T5 System is a programmed-start lamp-ballast solution that will offer the industry's lowest overall wattage operating at 198 watts compared to 234 watts in a standard 4-lamp 54-watt T5 system. This equates to system wattage savings of 36 watts, equivalent to approximately $108* (or 18 watts over its previously reduced wattage system) with only a 5 percent reduction in lumen output. GE's innovative system delivers the lowest wattage lamp and ballast system available, leading the industry in energy savings.

GE's UltraStart Watt-Miser T5 System offers extremely low-wattage solutions with the convenience of parallel operation, RoHS compliant ballasts and fast start times – typical with standard T8 systems, but historically unattainable with T5 systems. This parallel mode ensures optimal performance so when one lamp fails, the UltraStart ballast continues to soft start the remaining lamps. Studies show parallel operation reduces spot re-lamping costs by up to 50 percent and can extend group re-lamping times by 15 percent. Additionally, GE's system is faster than most programmed start systems, offering virtually “instant on” (.7 seconds) start time, which is great for use with occupancy sensors.

The UltraStart Watt-Miser T5 product line also boasts arc-guard protection. GE's arc-guard design eliminates the damaging effects arcing can have on lamps, ballasts and sockets. All T5 Watt-Miser lamps designed for use on UltraStart ballasts feature a UL Type CC rating, a stringent designation of protection against arcing in electrical devices. The ballast also features a continuous cathode cutout functionality that reduces ballast wattage consumption and maximizes fixture efficiency at higher temperatures.

Other premium features include the system's 90C ballast case rating, which allows the system to operate in extreme heat at 55C ambient and still carry a 5-year limited warranty rating for qualified fixtures. GE's UltraStart ballasts feature an anti-striation control function that eliminates the maintenance issues caused by striating or swirling to provide flicker- and worry-free performance. From an environmental standpoint, GE's T5 lamps and ballasts are TCLP- and RoHS-compliant, respectively.

The T5 UltraStart Watt-Miser 47-watt lamp will be showcased at Lightfair International in Las Vegas and will be available throughout North America in Q4 2010. For more information on the T5 UltraStart Watt-Miser family, visit

*Assumptions: $.10 kwh, 30,000 hours burn, savings per one 54 watt T5 lamp.