GE Expands UV Germicidal Lamp Portfolio with Six New Linear Lamps

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  Six newly available linear fluorescent UV germicidal lamps join the growing family of Biax® compact fluorescent and linear products from GE Appliances & Lighting. The entire line of lamps provides health–care, government, aquatic and food industry end–users with a greater variety of energy–efficient, low–maintenance products for disinfecting air, water and surface mediums. The expansion fills out the company's portfolio of UV germicidal fluorescent lamps. 

The six new GE linear fluorescent UV germicidal lamps include the G55T8HO 55–watt T8 featuring an 18–watt UV output and 8,000–hour rated life; the G36T5 39–watt T5 delivers a 12–watt UV output and 9,000–hour rated life; and, four new single ended linear fluorescent UV germicidal lamps with a 9,000–hour rated life, the G11T5/4P/SE 11–watt T5 (2.2–watt UV output), G16T5/4P/SE 16–watt T5 (3.4–watt UV output), G36T5/4P/SE 36–watt T5 (12.0–watt UV output) and G64T5/4P/SE 64–watt T5 (25.0–watt UV output).

The UV germicidal lamp line also features seven GE plug–in Biax compact fluorescent lamps including the GBX55/UVC/2G11 55–watt Biax (17–watt UV output); GBX36/UVC/2G11 36–watt Biax(12–watt UV output); GBX18/UVC/2G11 18–watt Biax (5.5–watt UV output); GBX13/UVC 13–watt Biax (3.6–watt UV output); GBX11/UVC 11–watt Biax (3.6–watt UV output); GBX9/UVC 9–watt Biax (2.4–watt UV output); and GBX5/UVC 5–watt Biax (1.0–watt UV output). Each UV germicidal compact fluorescent Biax lamp offers a rated life of 8,000 hours.

Compatible with most existing lamp ballasts, UV germicidal lamps from GE produce UV–C energy at a peak wavelength of 254 nanometers. In preventing DNA replication, the lamps inactivate bacteria, mold and viruses that threaten occupied spaces, air filtration systems, food and water and surfaces.

These new GE products provide disinfection equipment manufacturers with high–quality lamp alternatives for equipment. For some end–users, the expansion to the GE UV germicidal product portfolio enables the cost–saving consolidation of lamp purchasing with GE.

For more information about Biax compact fluorescent and linear products from GE Appliances & Lighting, please visit or call 1–800–GE–LAMPS.
Biax® is a registered trademark of General Electric Company.