GE Lamps Generate Tranquil Atmosphere at African Burial Ground National Monument

CLEVELAND, Ohio  (NYSE: GE)  The African Burial Ground National Monument in lower Manhattan in New York City commemorates the estimated 15,000 free and enslaved peoples interred at this 6.6-acre site, lending dignity and peace to this newly discovered resting place. The monument's lighting solution is designed to be intimate and respectful. It features lighting from GE Appliances & Lighting.

Discreet grade-recessed uplights, with GE 20-watt ConstantColor® CMH® MR16 lamps, draw the eye to ceremonial court symbols. Deeply shielded 4000 K SPL1000-watt PAR64 metal halide floodlights, located atop the adjacent federal office building, evoke tranquil moonlight. All luminaires are easily accessible for maintenance.

Trees, illuminated with grade-recessed GE 39-watt CMH PAR20 uplights, signify hope, and define the park’s perimeter. Concealed low voltage underwater fountain luminaires, with 50-watt Turn & Lock ConstantColor MR16 halogen flood lamps, reveal the slender moat, and give form to the central Ancestral Libation Chamber. Somber, yet welcoming, this chamber is flanked by stone benches, with 3000 K LEDs tucked securely underneath, offering respite and contrast.

A time clock/photocell-activated preset lighting control system makes the monument a “good neighbor,” by allowing the National Park Service the opportunity to de-energize select lighting elements as needed.

Consistent with the memorial’s mission, all luminaires and lamps were donated by manufacturers. Lighting designers Domingo González and Nancy Lok accepted no fee for this effort. Serene and contemplative, the lighting bears nighttime witness to spirits long lost but not forgotten.

This lighting project is among several recognized during the 2007 GE Edison Awards held in May 2008.