Showroom for Allsteel & Gunlocke Uses GE Lamps to Achieve LEED-CI Gold Certification

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE) — Allsteel and Gunlocke’s new 12,600 square foot showroom has received a LEED®-CI Gold certification. The successful design of this Atlanta showroom establishes it as the prototype for other showrooms to be opened elsewhere in the United States.

The owner desired a soothing environment to welcome visitors, so lighting designers T. Morgan Gabler and James P. Youngston of Gabler-Youngston chose GE Appliances & Lighting to supply the showroom with lamps. At the entry, the walls and floor are illuminated with GE 28-watt T5 Starcoat Ecolux® 3000 K lamps in linear wallwashers and strip lights, detailed in the walls and desk.

The open ceiling areas of the main showrooms use low brightness, linear pendants with two 28-watt T5 3000 K fluorescent lamps to generate ambient illumination. Responding to photosensors, these modules are capable of dimming to 10 percent. Separately switched, but contained within the same luminaire, GE 20-watt ConstantColor® CMH® PAR20 flood lamps in adjustable gimbal ring fixtures provide the vertical brightness, color quality and contrast ratios critical to successful retail illumination.

In order to create the same illumination effect as in the open ceiling areas, gypsum board ceilings house recessed, multi-head fixtures with 20-watt CMH PAR20 flood lamps, along with recessed T5 fluorescent slot downlights and wallwashers.

The entire project is controlled by a centralized switching and dimming system. An astronomical time clock makes control foolproof for the showroom manager. Keypads located throughout the space activate scenes programmed for special functions.

“The switching and dimming system is a key factor in the efficiency of the Allsteel & Gunlocke showroom,” says Mary Beth Gotti, manager of the GE Lighting & Electrical Institute. “That extra layer of control really adds to the overall efficiency capabilities of GE technologies like ConstantColor CMH and Ecolux.”

The overall project boasts a lighting power density of 0.75 watts per square foot for ambient illumination and a separate retail display lighting power density of 0.5 watts per square foot.

This lighting project is among several recognized during the 2007 GE Edison Awards held in May 2008.