Best Case Scenario: GE’s New LED Lighting Solution for Horizontal Refrigerated Cases Makes Products Pop and Energy Bills Drop

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio, April 28, 2011 — (NYSE: GE)  Refrigeration and lighting account for more than 50 percent of total energy use in the average U.S. supermarket, making these systems the best targets for energy savings.1 In response, GE Lighting Solutions is expanding its light-emitting diodes (LED) refrigerated display lighting product portfolio with ImmersionTM RH10, which provides a competitive advantage for grocery, convenience and specialty retailers that demand exceptional visual and financial performance in horizontal refrigerated cases.
“Amid all the strategic options at a retailer’s disposal to improve visual appeal and the bottom line, Immersion RH10 is the right solution to slash energy consumption and maintenance expenses, while enhancing the appearance of merchandise,” says Philip Fritz, product manager, GE Lighting Solutions. “The new horizontal system complements GE’s Immersion RV40 LED lighting system for vertical cases. Pairing both systems together creates a total solution that allows retailers to achieve greater energy and maintenance savings.”
By replacing fluorescent tubes with the energy-saving Immersion RH10 LED lighting system, retailers can reduce energy consumption by up to 65 percent compared to T12HO fluorescent. Designed using GE Six Sigma Quality methodology and testing, the advanced engineered design of the system is rated to perform for up to 50,000 hours — up to four times longer than fluorescent — so maintenance costs are also significantly cut. And, unlike fluorescent tubes, LEDs don’t require time to warm up and experience no reduction of life from being turned on and off in cold environments. This superior performance and reliability is backed by a five-year limited warranty.
Since food items housed in horizontal cases are generally fresh rather than frozen, visual appeal plays an enormous role in consumer selection and purchasing of goods. Featuring an 80-plus color-rendering index, the Immersion RH10 LED lighting solution maximizes the visual appearance of cases, making foods look fresh, healthy and vibrant. Additionally, the system utilizes an adjustable clip that allows for easy rotation of the fixture and the ability to angle the light directly onto food packages for true color representation. Available in multiple lengths (36" and 48") and warm and cool color temperatures (3000K, 4000K and 5100K), Immersion RH10 is designed to serve both canopy and undershelf needs, giving retailers the flexibility needed to create the right look for any display.
GE’s LED refrigerated display lighting technology can be adopted in new store construction, as well as retrofits, allowing retailers to make wide-spread gains across all locations through improved appearance, increased energy savings, and reduced maintenance costs. Additionally, Immersion RH10 helps retailers curb their environmental impact. Decreased energy usage significantly lowers CO2 emissions, while long life reduces material waste. The new system is RoHS and NSF compliant, UL approved with Class II power supply, and IP 64 rated. It has no UV or infrared and doesn’t contain any mercury, lead or glass — making handling and disposal less of a concern.
GE Lighting Solutions, LLC, a unit of GE Lighting, is a combination of GE's light-emitting diode systems operation, formerly known as Lumination, and its commercial and industrial fixture group, formerly known as GE Lighting Systems. 

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