Indoor And Outdoor Color Matching Easier With Exclusive 80-Watt GE SHOWBIZ® Cinema Plus High Lumen Biax® Lamp, Other New Products

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  Four new, full-spectrum GE SHOWBIZ® Cinema Plus High Lumen Biax® lamps–compact fluorescent lighting products–give professionals working in film, TV, and still photography better tools for color matching with quartz halogen and HID light sources indoors and daylight outdoors. Two of the new film-friendly lamps provide an advantage exclusive to the GE SHOWBIZ offering: the most light output (80 watts) available in a high lumen cinema fluorescent lamp.

New from GE SHOWBIZ are the exclusive 80-watt F80BX/CINEMA PLUS 32 and the 36-watt F36BX/CINEMA PLUS 32, which expand the company's Cinema Plus High Lumen Biax offering for indoor shooting under typical conditions such as 3200-degree Kelvin tungsten lamps. The GE SHOWBIZ F80BX/CINEMA PLUS 32 delivers the highest light output of any commercially available product in its class. The lower wattage F36BX/CINEMA PLUS 32 enables more versatile lighting on sets, particularly smaller stages and studios where space is at a premium and smaller fixtures are used.

For outdoor shoots under daylight conditions, GE SHOWBIZ introduces the exclusive 80-watt F80BX/CINEMA PLUS 55, featuring the highest light output of comparable products and the versatile 36-watt F36BX/CINEMA PLUS 55.

Just like the F55BX/CINEMA PLUS 32 and F55BX/CINEMA PLUS 55 lamps launched last year, these four new GE SHOWBIZ Cinema Plus lamps offer the advantages of cinema fluorescent products-lower heat, higher efficiency and softer light-and the time-saving convenience of not needing to use gels in TV, still photography or film applications.

The color emissions of SHOWBIZ Cinema Plus lamps respond to the spectral sensitivity curves of film and electronic imaging media, eliminating the green spikes common with older or less advanced cinema fluorescent products. Color drift in the Cinema Plus lamps is minimal over the rated life of the products. Additionally, Cinema Plus lamps offer notable brightness stability, maintaining 90 percent of initial brightness through 2000 hours of use.

Designed for today's smaller, lightweight fixtures, GE's new SHOWBIZ Cinema Plus lamps feature many of the same performance characteristics as GE's SHOWBIZ Cinema lamps:

  • Fully dimmable on ANSI-approved dimming systems
  • Operate on flicker-free electronic ballasts
  • Use rare-earth and full-spectrum phosphors to achieve a color-rendering index of 95, a figure that enables color matching with quartz halogen and HID light sources
Developed through the GE Six Sigma process, GE SHOWBIZ Cinema Fluorescent and Cinema Plus lamps incorporate the latest lighting technologies.

GE SHOWBIZ® are BIAX® are registered trademarks of General Electric Company.