GE Debuts World's Most-Efficient Integral 23-Watt Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp

CLEVELAND, Ohio  (NYSE: GE)  At 55.4 lumens per watt, the new 23-watt GE ConstantColor® CMH® Integral PAR38 lamp from GE Appliances & Lighting is the industry's most efficient integrally ballasted ceramic metal halide lamp, compared with competitive offerings that produce 51 lumens per watt and 50.8 lumens per watt. In addition to being TCLP compliant, the new lamp provides excellent energy savings for display and ambient lighting in retail environments. 

GE's 23-watt ceramic metal halide lamp (1275 lumens) reduces the cost of lighting. It delivers $62.40 in energy savings compared with a 75-watt halogen lamp (1050 lumens), assuming $0.10/kWh over 12,000 hours. The new integral lamp also reduces maintenance costs with a long 12,000-hour rated life. Its ease of installation-made possible by a medium screw base and integrated ballast-will put store associates at ease when it comes time to replace a lamp.

"This new lamp provides the light quality retailers expect from standard PAR lamps, but in a much more energy-efficient package," says Linda Pastor, HID product manager - North America, GE Appliances & Lighting. "It's even more efficient than other integral ceramic metal halide offerings."

The lamp significantly reduces watts-per-square foot to help meet stringent codes and regulations and is an effective tool for companies wanting to earn LEED points. It's available as a 10-degree spot, 25-degree flood and 36-degree wide flood with a warm, white 3000K color temperature.