GE ConstantColor® HIR MR16 Lamps Enhance Efficiency, Light Quality

CLEVELAND, OHIO — (NYSE: GE)  New ConstantColor® HIR™ MR16 lamps from GE Appliances & Lighting, which can replace standard MR16 lamps, offer up to a 43 percent improvement in energy efficiency and a higher quality of light through improved center beam candle power (CBCP) and color temperature maintenance.

In addition to energy cost savings, customers will achieve savings in maintenance costs since the new ConstantColor HIR MR16 lamps offer a rated life that's two times longer than standard halogen MR16 lamps. Total savings over the life of a single lamp can amount to $9.45 in operating costs compared with a standard halogen lamp (assumes $2 in labor cost per replacement lamp, 4,500 annual operating hours and $0.10/kWh).

The new lamps feature GE's exclusive ConstantColor coating, which prevents coating degradation and minimizes light loss. The result is a lumen maintenance rating of 90 percent. The new HIR MR16 lamp also minimizes light loss out of the back of the lamp, which reduces stray light and focuses more light on the displayed merchandise.

"From energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs to consistent, high-quality light that puts merchandise in the best light possible, our new ConstantColor HIR MR16 lamps provide advantages that are hard to beat," says Mike McVeigh, global product manager, GE Appliances & Lighting. "This is also a great new lamp for fixture companies that want to offer a high-quality, energy-saving track lighting solution that can serve as a point of differentiation."

An IR-coated capsule and cover glass virtually eliminate UV-B and UV-C radiation to help reduce fading and discoloration of displays. The IR coating also makes the lamp ideal for heat-sensitive applications.