Shatter-Resistant GE covRguard® Product Line Expands, Now Features Every Type of Fluorescent Lighting

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  Now there is a shatter-resistant GE covRguard® product for every type of fluorescent lighting. New products in an expanded line of GE covRguard fluorescent lamps include high-light-output lamps, UV lamps for insect control, UV black lights, UV germicidal lamps, and specialized T8 and T12 lamps. GE covRguard products are employed in variety of settings, including food-processing operations, industrial plants and distribution centers, restaurants, hospitals, health-care facilities and grocery stores.

New products in the expanded GE covRguard line include:

  • VHO 1500m/T5HE/HO: High-light-output lamp used in cold temperature applications, such as freezers, coolers, outdoor perimeter lighting and high-bay food warehouses.
  • UVA Transmitting: UV lamp used in insect traps when other insect control devices are inadequate or forbidden due to their proximity to open food products or food prep areas.
  • UVC Transmitting: UV blacklights and germicidal lamps used to reduce microorganism counts (killing bacteria and viruses) in food processing, scientific and medical applications.
  • Mod-U-Line® T8 and T12: The ultimate safety solution for 2-foot by 2-foot fixtures in restaurants, hospitals and food prep areas.
GE covRguard fluorescent lamps feature outstanding energy efficiency, which provides an impressive return on investment. They also eliminate the inconvenience and added labor expense of unwieldy sleeves and caps. That's because GE covRguard lamps arrive ready to install — there is no assembly required. The lamp can simply be placed into a fixture right from the box. And the GE covRguard shield doesn't change the overall length of the lamp, like other sleeve and cap products.

"The GE covRguard line offers everything our customers want  an FDA-compliant, shatter-resistant product with outstanding light quality and superior energy efficiency," says Nick Iacobucci, product marketing manager for GE Appliances & Lighting.

GE covRguard lamps offer maximum protection with minimum light loss  the lowest loss of initial light of any shielded product currently on the market. This makes it an ideal product for applications in grocery stores and food-processing operations; hospitals and health-care facilities; restaurants and food-service operations; and in the semiconductor industry. In each case, GE covRguard lamps will make the facility brighter and better protected.

The extensive GE covRguard line features a variety of quality lighting products, including T8 with Starcoat™ for the best color and most light over life, Ecolux® reduced mercury lamps for disposal compliance, and the XL® series for super long life. GE also provides a complete line of incandescent GE covRguard products, and all lines meet FDA, OSHA and USDA standards.

For more information about GE covRguard or other products available through GE Lighting, please contact a local GE supplier or call 1-800-GE-LAMPS.