New eneloop™ Rechargeable Battery Takes the Place of 1,000 Ordinary Batteries

CLEVELAND, Ohio  (NYSE: GE)  GE and Sanyo have partnered to bring consumers eneloop™, a combination of the two best qualities of two of the most powerful battery technologies: alkaline and Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni–MH) batteries. This long–life, pre–charged, energy–storing recyclable battery can be used and recharged up to 1,000 times.1 eneloop is the "World's First Ready-To-Use Rechargeable Battery." 

As technology continues to infiltrate our lives, consumers need a battery that can keep up. Whether a battery is needed to keep the tunes playing on an Mp3 player, the HDTV stations changing with the remote control, or the digital camera busy documenting day–to–day life, eneloop can be used and charged up to 1,000 times, unlike alkalines which can be used only once1. New eneloop batteries are available in AA and AAA packs and re–charger kits with batteries that take both AA and AAA eneloop batteries.

The new pre–charged, rechargeable eneloop takes more pictures than an alkaline battery. The camera powered by eneloop takes 514 digital camera shots; while the camera powered by an alkaline battery takes only 117 digital camera shots.2 In fact, eneloop batteries are four times stronger than alkaline batteries2 and have a temperature tolerance as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

For those consumers who simply want to make sure they have a battery that works in their flashlight, eneloop batteries, after one year, still hold 80 percent of their charge, so they can be stored for future use, or used in case of emergency.3

eneloop batteries last longer than alkaline batteries, saving the consumer money over time. eneloop packaging is made from recyclable PET material, and the batteries have a built–in recycling infrastructure through the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC).

eneloop batteries are available in AA and AAA two-packs with a suggested retail of $7.99; AA and AAA 4 packs with a suggested retail of $14.99; Compact Re–Charger kit with two AA batteries at a suggested retail of $24.99; a four-position Re–Charger with four AA batteries at a suggested retail of $29.99.* 

1. JIS C8708 2004 (4.4) test condition (Cycle life may differ with different conditions and applications).
2. Using Sanyo DSC-54, temperature = 77 degrees Fahrenheit, flash = once every three shots, shots = every 20 seconds, LCD = on all the time.
3. Compared to regular rechargeable batteries with full initial charge in 68 degree Fahrenheit conditions.
*Dealers determine their own resale prices.