Form Factor: GE’s Latest LED Luminaires Seek to “Shape” the Future of Lighting

EAST CLEVELAND, OHIO—June 26, 2014—GE’s new Lumination™ LED Luminaires using Cooledge light sheet technology can shape commercial spaces in ways as unique as the fixtures themselves. From curvilinear to concentric ring concepts, it’s what the future of lighting can be, and it’s on display in GE Lighting’s booth #4208 at LIGHTFAIR® International 2014 (LFI®) in Las Vegas, June 3-5.

In 2013, GE entered a joint-development agreement with Cooledge Lighting Inc. to develop customized LED power-supply drivers for Cooledge’s first full range of LED light sheet solutions for fixture manufacturers. The agreement includes the evaluation of Cooledge light sheet technology for LED luminaires targeting a wide range of commercial applications.

The unique form factor of Cooledge’s LED light sheets allows large panels, long lengths and the ability to conform to a wide variety of shapes—eliminating many of the constraints and challenges imposed by traditional LED lighting options. At LIGHTFAIR, attendees can sneak-a-peek at the latest Lumination™ LED luminaires with Cooledge light sheet technology that could be suspended from ceilings soon, including:

  • “Curvilinear” concept: Undulating pendant adds a touch of elegance alone or in a continuous run
  • “Teardrop” concept: Flexible form makes this fashionable fixture ideal above countertops or in small spaces
  • “Concentric Ring” concept: These engaging interlocked ellipses are unlike anything you imagined LED lighting could be!

GE’s Lumination™ LED Luminaire designs using Cooledge light sheet technology can be fluid and minimal, also permitting unique material choices in many cases. This new medium of light requires no additional heat-sinking or thermal management, thanks to Cooledge's patented technology. The fixtures further provide long life and high efficacy, allowing for lower maintenance and operating costs over time.

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About Cooledge Lighting Inc.
Cooledge Lighting develops and manufactures lighting products based on a unique and transformative technology known as light sheet which incorporates LEDs into a flexible distributed light source that has the potential to fundamentally change the way lighting is integrated into the built environment.

Founded in May 2009, the company has developed a significant intellectual property portfolio that includes patents covering the core underlying technologies and their application into innovative products and has built a highly skilled and experienced team that includes several pioneers in field of LED lighting. For more information please visit

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