GE LED Garage Light Fixture Takes Parking Deck Lighting to New Heights

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. — (NYSE: GE)  For areas with low mounting heights, the GE Evolve™ LED Garage Light Fixture from GE Lighting Systems, Inc. provides a long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting solution. It delivers 50,000 hours of rated life at 70 percent initial lumens, and greatly reduces maintenance and re-lamping costs in parking garages, warehouses, walkways, stairways and service stations. 

The new GE Evolve LED Garage Light Fixture reduces energy consumption up to 50 percent versus comparable HID products. It delivers high system lumens per watt in 80-, 110- and 125-watt options, and three opticals for general areas, entrances and exits. The fixture needs no warm-up time so it can be used effectively in emergency entrance and exit areas.

High light source utilization is realized through nine photometry solutions, creating superior uniformity and control that can improve visibility. High brightness LEDs (70 color-rendering index, 5700K color temperature) ensure low comparative lumen loss throughout its 50,000-hour effective life and provide continuing uniformity and brightness. The GE Evolve LED Garage Light Fixture is housed in die-cast aluminum with cast heat sinks to transfer heat away from the electrical components and ensure its long LED life.

"Based on reduced energy, maintenance and operating costs, customers can expect payback in less than three years with the GE LED Garage Light Fixture," says Andrew Lindstrom, senior product manager, GE Lighting Systems. "This is a watershed year for outdoor and municipal lighting, and GE's in the thick of it with LED fixtures for all kinds of applications."

The GE Evolve LED Garage Light Fixture is painted inside and outside with polyester paint for superior corrosion resistance and uses tamper-proof screws on its impact-resistant polycarbonate lens for vandal resistance. Eight mounting options provide versatility to meet almost any field installation condition. It is also RoHS compliant, making it a mercury-free lighting solution.