GE LED Lamps Add Glamour, Energy Savings to Westin Lima Hotel Lighting Project

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio — Sept. 26, 2013 — (NYSE:GE) — Earlier this year, the glamorous Westin Lima Hotel in Peru decided to renew its lighting system by adopting new LED lighting from GE Lighting. The upgrade to GE’s energy smart® LED GU10 Replacement Lamps generated an 88 percent savings in energy consumption compared to the former halogen lamps used at the Westin.

In its first phase of the project, Westin replaced 4,290 50-watt halogen lamps with the new 6-watt GU10 LED lamps, which are ideal for accent, display and general lighting in a variety of commercial environments.

As a result of the new LED lighting, “there is a marked improvement in the lighting efficiency in all the spaces and the people’s perception in general is very positive,” said Juan Carlos Ruiz, Maintenance Manager at Westin Lima Hotel. “We are having 70% savings in the energy consumption for lighting rooms and hallways, plus savings in the consumption of the air conditioning system. Moreover, because of the longer life of the LEDs, we also have reduced to zero the spending in halogen replacements for corrective maintenance.”

The areas included in the first phase of the project were the Executive Club, 301 guest rooms and the hallways of the 25 floors of the hotel. Westin Lima Hotel will experience a full return on their hospitality lighting investment in just 14 months, at which point the hotel could decide to reinvest those savings into other key initiatives.

Westin Lima Hotel generated an 88 percent savings in energy consumption by upgrading guest rooms and hallway lighting with LED lighting solutions from GE Lighting.


The Westin Lima Hotel is beginning its second phase of the project, which includes an additional 650 6-watt GU10 LED lamps plus 600 new GE energy smart® 4.5-watt LED dimmable candle lamps.

"In early August, we approved the 2014 investment project, which will allow us to install 7,000 units of the 6-watt GU10 LED lamps” said Ruiz.

GE Lighting has six global excellence centers dedicated to developing the technology to illuminate the future and allow its clients to change the way they light their world.

"In Peru, the adoption of LED products is increasing,” said Maria Fernanda Locarnini, General Manager for the Southern Cone, GE Lighting. “Companies are realizing the importance of LEDs, because its saves energy, money, and is more durable and ecological.”

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