GE LED Lighting Offers Enhanced Energy Savings and Merchandise Appeal in Refrigerated Display Cases

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio — Dec. 2, 2013 — (NYSE:GE) — GE’s Immersion™ RV60 LED lighting system offers grocery and convenience store owners the next generation of energy-efficient refrigerated display lighting to help lower energy costs while enhancing the visual appeal of merchandise.

Designed to replace traditional T12 high output fluorescent lamps, GE’s LED refrigerated display lighting helps retailers reduce energy usage in one of their biggest areas of consumption—lighting vertical cases that house frozen foods, beverages, floral arrangements and more. The long-life LED lighting system is rated to perform up to 50,000 hours, contributing to significant reductions in maintenance costs as well. 

“GE has taken advantage of improvements in LED technologies to engineer our Immersion RV60 LED lighting solution with fewer LEDs per system,” said Kyle Mooney, global product manager for GE Lighting. “As a result, the new solution uses 13 percent to 22 percent less energy than previous generations of vertical display lighting. We have also switched from a 12V system to a 24V system, allowing for higher electrical loading in display cases.” 

GE's Immersion™ RV60 LED lighting system enhances the visual appeal of merchandise by casting a bright, uniform light on products.


In addition to operational savings, the Immersion RV60 LED lighting system enhances the visual appeal of merchandise by casting a bright, uniform light on products. GE Lighting’s specially designed optic lens utilizes ultra-efficient LED technology to spread light evenly across food packages.

The Immersion RV60 LED lighting system will be available in January 2014 in standard 60-inch and 70-inch lengths, as well as a shorter 48-inch size. The product comes in warm and cool color temperatures (3500K, 4000K and 5000K) to give retailers a variety of vertical display lighting options. Mounting holes on each LED bar allow for easy installation.

GE has also expanded its line of horizontal refrigerated display case lighting with a Premium version of its popular Immersion™ RH30 LED lighting system, which helps attract customers to open deck cases by making food packages shine with crisp LED light. Featuring a special phosphor coating on the LED chips, Immersion RH30 Premium light bars are designed with a unique light spectrum profile to emphasize red and green wavelengths, bringing out the best color in packaged meat and produce aisles.

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