GE's New LED Retail PAR38 Helps Retailers Highlight Products

GE's new LED retail PAR38 helps retailers highlight products

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE) — Modern in-store lighting is used to showcase products, make colors pop and details shine, but it also needs to support corporate environmental initiatives. While conventional halogen or incandescent retail lights illuminate merchandise, switching to light-emitting diode (LED) technology is becoming an effective way for retailers to draw customer attention to product details while being mindful of environmental concerns.

GE Lighting's new Energy Smart® LED Retail PAR38 lamp is an ideal choice for retail lighting because of its unique blend of enhanced color quality, advanced optics, reduced glare and increased energy savings. The high-output lamp offers more than 850 lumens yet uses less than 16 watts of energy.

“LED display and spotlighting are trends in the way retailers light up their stores. GE's LED technology provides significant energy savings and color quality demanded by merchants,” says Steve Briggs, vice president of marketing and product management, GE Lighting. “Our latest LED PAR38 offers superior, bright light to help consumers see the true color, style and price of merchandise, while giving retailers the opportunity to be good stewards of the environment.”

The LED PAR38's advanced optical control helps concentrate the white LED light on a targeted area and effectively diminishes wasted extraneous light. With an 82 color rendering index, the lamps bring out the colors of merchandise and reduce the potential for fading or discoloration.

While improving in-store product appearance is paramount for a retail business, reducing operating expenses is also high on the list of priorities. GE's LED Retail PAR38 features a long-rated life of 25,000 hours at L70, which notably reduces maintenance, labor and disposal costs.

As government mandates seek alternatives to low-efficiency incandescent lamps and increase energy-efficiency requirements for new and replacement lighting technologies, GE is poised to adhere to these standards with its new RoHS-compliant LED Retail PAR38, which is expected to meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines that will be effective in August 2010.

GE Lighting Solutions is addressing the issues of LED quality and reliability by pushing for a universal set of LED performance standards. Much of its work with NEMA, the Department of Energy/ENERGY STAR, ANSI, Intertek and IESNA centers on the development of measurement, efficiency and performance guidelines that clarify LED standards. A proven expert in the LED category, GE Lighting has an expansive installed base of more than 25 million linear feet of LED lighting with a warranty return rate of less than .05 percent.