Light Fantastic: GE's Immersion® LED Display Case Lighting Delivers Sparkle

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  Retailers and display case manufacturers have the power to add sparkle to merchandise with GE Appliances & Lighting's award-winning, energy-efficient Immersion® LED Display Case Lighting. The system uses multiple point sources of light to increase reflectivity and sparkle while reducing operating costs. Its reflector design focuses peak light to the center of the case and radiates light out across the case to create a brighter, more uniform look throughout.

By comparison, a standard fluorescent lighting system floods a display case with broad, diffuse light and tends to direct light to the front of the case, which can create shadows, light spillage and glare. Halogen systems can create lighting hot spots, uneven illumination across the case and unwanted heat.

"We want customers to know that all LED solutions are not the same," says Jason Raak, marketing manager, GE Appliances & Lighting. "GE's stringent testing gives Immersion LED Display Case Lighting long-lasting performance that retailers and display case manufacturers can rely on. It enables fantastic gains in visual reflectivity and substantial maintenance savings."

Stay cool, save energy Immersion LED Display Case Lighting uses advanced thermal management for cooler operation. The new LED lighting also cools it on the energy front: it consumes as little as 8.1 watts per foot and produces higher lux levels per watt of energy used when compared with fluorescent. While halogen systems provide higher average illuminance, the Immersion LED Display Case Lighting delivers up to 80 percent energy savings versus some existing halogen-based technologies.

An edge for display case manufacturers
Display case manufacturers will appreciate that Immersion LED Display Case Lighting is offered in sizes that increase in 6-inch increments. This enables an edge-to-edge fit that virtually eliminates the shadows that can occur with fixed-length fluorescent lamps. For design flexibility, Immersion LED Display Case Lighting is available in two color temperatures (4200K and 3500K). Multiple mounting options allow the lighting to be customized to fit individual display cases.

The new LED lighting's environmentally responsible design is energy efficient, RoHS compliant, and it does not contain any lead, mercury or glass.

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GE's Immersion LED Display Case Lighting was one of only three "best in class" distinctions from the 68 entries submitted in the LED Next Generation Luminaires™ Solid-State Lighting Design Competition — sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and the International Association of Lighting Designers — which recognizes and promotes excellence in the design of energy-efficient LED commercial lighting luminaires.