Little Known Facts about the Reveal® Brand

Partnering with Cristalerias de Mataró
  • GE Engineer Bill James had a patent for an incandescent bulb with Neodymium Oxide Vitreous Coating. The product was not introduced because the coating was too thick to allow significant light to shine through.
  • Cristalerias de Mataró, a Spanish company that made colored-glass bulbs, created the first prototypes of GE’s neodymium doped bulbs at GE’s direction. The bulbs could not be made in the GE lab because the neodymium oxide powder had to be melted into the glass. In 1995, Cristalerias de Mataró was the only source of the colored lamps.
  • Neodymium was first used to color glass in 1927. 
  • The neodymium-doped bulbs were once sold as aquarium lighting for fish and lizards.
  • The glass bulbs in the initial shipment from Cristalerias de Mataró were broken due to friction. A shipment in mid-transit at the time was turned around so stearate, a chemical lubricant, could be applied to the bulbs.
  • At the time they were working with GE, Cristalerias de Mataró had the capacity to make 50 million bulbs per year. GE bought approximately 3.5 million bulbs per year.
  • Because neodymium-doped glass is so precious, the scrap glass that was left over from making the bulbs was actually collected and put back into the furnace. This is still practiced today in the manufacturing of Reveal® bulbs.
  • GE worked with Cristalerias de Mataró from 1994-2001.  Before GE, Cristalerias de Mataró sold primarily to European customers.
Before Reveal®, there was Enrich®
  • From 1995-2001 GE’s line of neodymium doped bulbs were called Enrich.
  • The Enrich line was once promoted using a truck that traveled around the country – much like The Lighting Revolution Tour that GE has today. Four “Enrich Trucks” each traveled to specific geographic regions to show people what the product did.  A 16-foot trailer hitched to the back of the trucks had a canopy view of two rooms – one that used soft white light and one that used Enrich lighting.
  • Enrich bulbs were originally only available as a four-pack of incandescent bulbs. Today, the Reveal product line includes halogens, compact-fluorescent lights (CFL), linear fluorescent lights (LFL), chandelier bulbs and more.
  • Nela Park, GE Lighting’s headquarters, had an “Enrich Day” when the product line expanded in 1999.  The marketing team wore “Enrich” t-shirts, everyone who came through the gates was given an Enrich bulb and bulbs signed by the CEO and Vice Presidents were raffled off to employees.
  • When it first launched in 1995, the Enrich line only included 60- and 100-watt bulbs.
  • One of the original taglines for Enrich was “Change the look of your room in 30 seconds.”
  • From 1999-2000 there was a $6 million dollar ad campaign to expand the line.
Building the Reveal® Brand
  • Approximately $25 million was invested in the launch of the Reveal product line.
  • The marketing campaign for what is now known as Reveal was referred to internally in GE by the secret code name “blue diamond.”
  • Reveal bulbs, like other neodymium-doped glass, change color depending on the lighting. They appear blue under incandescent light and purple under fluorescent lighting. 
  • Other internal names for the Reveal marketing campaign included “next generation lighting” and “new lighting.”
  • Brand name candidates that were researched along with Reveal included; Clearly White, Daybreak & Pacific White.
Reveal® Today
  • For the past 2 years, Reveal retail POS dollar growth at +2% has outperformed the lighting industry’s negative performance (Source: Retail POS Data)
  • Reveal brand is an outstanding presence in the ‘Color Enhanced’ lighting category (Source: Nielsen Homescan Panel Mid-Year 2011)
  • The average amount spent annually on Reveal per Reveal buyer is $7.14 and is +7% over last year (Source: Nielsen Homescan Panel Mid-Year 2011)
  • The highest amount spent annually on Reveal per Reveal buyer is in the DIY channel at $8.30 and is 26% higher than what ‘Other Color Enhanced’ buyers spend in the channel (Source: Nielsen Homescan Panel Mid-Year 2011)
  • Over 200 total Reveal® product codes are available in the following product lines: Incandescent, Halogen, Linear Fluorescent, and Compact Fluorescents. The Reveal quality of light can be used in multiple application sockets including table lamps, chandeliers, under-cabinet fixtures, ceiling fans, and many more. (Source: Digital Cockpit)