Winning Versatility: GE Boosts Lighting Design Options with Expanded Line of Low–Watt CMH® Lamps

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  GE Appliances & Lighting's multi–award winning, high–intensity discharge product line — featuring the industry's most extensive range of 20–watt ceramic metal halide lamps and honored repeatedly with LightFair product showcase awards in 2002 (ConstantColor® CMH® 250–watt SPXX lamp), 2004 (ConstantColor CMH 20–watt PAR30 lamp), 2005 (ConstantColor CMH 20–watt PAR20) and 2006 (ConstantColor CMH Precise™ 20–watt MR16 lamp) — now offers customers an even broader line of low–watt ceramic metal halide lamps

This extension of GE's innovative product line, which translates as a boost to the versatility of commercial lighting designs that employ ceramic metal halide lamps, results from the introduction of five 39–watt CMH lamps. New GE lamps include spot and flood versions of the ConstantColor CMH 39–watt PAR 20 and three exclusives: ConstantColor CMH 39–watt PAR 30 lamps in 10–degree spot, 15–degree spot, and 25–degree flood with 4,000–Kelvin color temperatures. The addition of these cooler color temperature lamps provides retailers and other end–users with more PAR-lamp color temperature choices in GE's line of 80+ color–rendering index ceramic metal halide lamps.

History of HID leadership
GE's cutting edge position in the low–watt ceramic metal halide category includes previous industry–first introductions of 20– and 70–watt mini G8.5 lamps and a 20–watt GU6.5, GE's smallest ceramic metal halide lamp for accent and ambient lighting applications. Spot, flood and wide flood versions of GE's 20–watt MR16, launched last year, remain exclusives.

Retailers using the highly efficient 20–watt ConstantColor CMH GU6.5 lamps, instead of 50–watt halogen PARs, will reduce operating costs by up to $27 per fixture (at $0.10 per kWh over the life of the lamp). The lamp's superior lumen output of 80 lumens per watt is more than four times better than comparable halogen PAR lamps. It currently offers a rated life of 9,000 hours, and will be re–rated in the next several months to between 11,000 and 12,000 hours, an improvement versus halogen lamps that can significantly extend re–lamp cycles.

Other positives include:
  • Allows precise positioning for excellent optical control in luminaires, while reducing maintenance hassles and costs.
  • Excellent lamp–to–lamp color uniformity and the "white look" of light produced by the lamp—crucial attributes in color–critical applications—can be ascribed to GE's exclusive ConstantColor CMH technology.
  • 80+ color–rendering index (CRI) and 3,000–Kelvin color temperature enable a warm, white light.
The technology used to create the 20–watt ConstantColor CMH GU6.5 lamp is also behind GE's 20–watt ConstantColor CMH Precise MR16. This reflector lamp has all the advantages of the 20–watt ConstantColor CMH GU6.5: high efficiency, a rated life of 9,000 hours, improved color stability and 80+ CRI. This lamp is designed with a robust GX10 twist and lock base. It also comes in a choice of three beam angles—12, 25 and 40 degrees—offering lighting designers a wide range of options.

GE CMH 20–watt PAR20 and CMH 20–watt PAR30 lamps are available in both spot and flood versions. When evaluated against halogen lamps, these two products provide as much as twice the light output, up to three times the rated life and less than half the energy consumption. Performance characteristics including 1,000–1,200 lumens, 7,500–hour rated life and 80+CRI are attributable to both the GE CMH 20–watt PAR20 and the GE CMH 20–watt PAR30. Excellent color consistency and quality of light make these lamps fitting energy–saving replacements for standard 50–watt PAR 20 halogen lamps (570 lumens and 2,500-hour rated life) and standard 75–watt PAR 30 halogen lamps (1,030 lumens and 3,000–hour rated life).

In addition, 20-watt ConstantColor CMH lamps are approved by GE as compatible with a broad range of commercially available electronic ballasts. Details of approved control gear are available on request.

Awards aplenty
GE's HID ceramic metal halide lamps have been recognized in the LightFair International Showcase Award competition, IESNA's Progress Report and product competitions published by Design Journal, Electrical Contracting Products and EC&M magazines.

ConstantColor®, CMH® and Precise™ are trademarks of General Electric Company.