Weekend Project: Inspiring Walls

Bring texture and designer style to a bathroom by painting a plaid pattern onto one wall, and use the right light to bring out new colors and textures. 


• Paint entire room in the base color of the plaid design
• Select desired wall for the plaid paint treatment
• Plan horizontal and vertical pattern on graph paper
• Pencil horizontal pattern plan on wall, and use painter's tape to create horizontal stripes on wall
• With assistance, stretch painter's tape horizontally along wall; vary width of horizontal stripes to create design interest
• Use carpenter's level to check lines
• Paint horizontal stripes, using two different paint colors
• Let paint dry and carefully remove tape
• Now, mark and plan out vertical lines, following same steps you used for creating the horizontal lines
• Tape off some horizontal lines so that vertical lines "weave" underneath
• Complement room with decorative shower curtain, towel sets, rug and votive candles
• Highlight new wall with GE Reveal® frosted globe bulbs to bring out color and texture of the painted pattern (GE Reveal® also reduces shadows and harsh glare for ideal makeup application in the bathroom)

Shopping list:

• Small paint rollers
• ½" and 1" paintbrushes
• Paint trays
• Drop cloth
• 3' carpenter's level
• 4 shades of paint
• Painter's tape
• Decorative shower curtain
• Towel sets
• Rug
• Votive candles and holders
• Decorative light fixture
• GE Reveal frosted globe bulbs (40–watt recommended)

Bathroom Makeover Video
Bathroom Makeover Instructions PDF