GE NIGHTHAWK™ Bulbs Give Greater Night Driving Confidence

Successful automotive lighting product line adds two new product families

CLEVELAND, Ohio – (NYSE: GE)  Death rates are three times greater at night than during the day, according to the National Safety Council. For enhanced driving confidence, ultra-bright NIGHTHAWK™ automotive headlamps offer greater night driving confidence.
This fall, GE is also offering up two more options - NIGHTHAWK Sport for a brighter, whiter light than GE's standard headlamps and NIGHTHAWK Miniatures, which put light where people need it - outside and inside of the car.
"Some drivers want more light than others to see the same distance," said Jim Gerson, North America aftermarket channel manager. "Automotive do-it-yourselfers want to upgrade to the latest lighting technology, while baby boomers and the parents of young teenage drivers want the brightest GE bulbs available. NIGHTHAWK delivers for everyone and puts more of its light on the road where drivers need it most."
NIGHTHAWK automotive lamps
Ultra-bright NIGHTHAWK GE sealed beam headlamps offer consumers, on average, up to 39 percent greater brightness when compared to GE's standard original-equipment halogen bulbs. NIGHTHAWK capsules offer, on average, 33 percent additional brightness; and NIGHTHAWK fog lights offer an average 17 percent additional brightness.
With the range of the new NIGHTHAWK product line, 95 percent of cars and light trucks on the road can upgrade to this technology.
For an even trendier audience, GE NIGHTHAWK Sport headlamps feature an advanced blue coating, producing high-performance, blue-white light, which is whiter than GE's regular headlights.
Consumers who are looking for a whiter light will enjoy the benefits of improved color and more light on the road. NIGHTHAWK Sport headlamps are available in 10 technical lamp types to fit most vehicles.
Consumers want more light both in and out of their vehicles. GE NIGHTHAWK interior and exterior convenience lamps produce up to 20 percent brighter light than GE standard lamps, putting maximum light where consumers need it. Brighter automotive lighting can make a big difference when consumers are strapping in the kids, reading a map, or searching their glove box.
As consumers spend more time in their vehicles for business or pleasure, brighter lights make a difference:
  • Navigating at night with brighter dome or map lighting
  • Finding all the essentials in the glove compartment
  • Locating items in the trunk or cargo compartment
  • Brighter directional and sidemarker lights that put the car in view
  • Stepping up to the truck or SUV door is easier with improved lighting
  • Letting oncoming traffic know the car is there with brighter parking lights
  • Reading license plates at night
  • Watching speed with brighter instrument lighting
  • Locating all the essentials inside the car with brighter interior lighting
  • Improved vehicle messaging with brighter exterior directional lighting