On Guard: GE's Newest, Most Efficient T5 Lamps Win Duel Over Efficiency, Output

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  Two new T5 linear fluorescent lamps from GE Appliances & Lighting offer marked improvement in efficiency and lumen output versus incumbent linear fluorescent lamp choices in retail, property management, commercial and industrial settings.

GE's exclusive, new 51–watt F54–T5–WM–ECO Watt–Miser® lamp, works to provide a 5 percent energy savings compared with today's already efficient F54T5 lamps, without compromising lumen output. It produces 5,000 initial lumens (98 initial lumens per watt) while using only 51 watts and offering a long rated life (25,000 hours). Perfect for high–bay F54T5 retrofit applications, the new lamp works on standard F54T5 ballasts. This provides the opportunity to save energy in new installations or when simply re–lamping an existing T5 fixture. The lamp will be offered in five color temperatures (3000K–6500K).

"The T5 Watt–Miser lamp is one of our most exciting new products. It will provide immediate energy savings to our customers that replace standard T5 lamps," notes Ron Paduchak, linear fluorescent product manager, GE Consumer & Industrial.

The F54–T5–841–WM–ECO Watt–Miser lamp will provide additional efficiency and energy savings when part of GE's new UltraStart™ Watt–Miser T5 System, a program–start, lamp–ballast solution available exclusively from GE. The new system delivers a multitude of performance advantages compared with standard 4–lamp 54–watt T5 systems. It offers a wattage savings of 18 watts compared with standard 4–lamp systems with lumen equivalency, parallel operation that keeps the unit operational despite a lamp failure, fast start times, and a continuous cathode cutout functionality that reduces ballast wattage consumption and improves fixture efficiency.

GE T5 Watt–Miser lamps are also offered in F14T5, F21T5, F28T5 and F35T5 versions. Available in five color temperatures, these lamps provide a 5 percent energy advantage over similar, standard T5 lamps.

The second new T5 lamp type is GE's lamp delivers a lumen output — initially 3,050 lumens and 108.9 lumens per watt — that is 5 percent better than standard F28WT5 lamps. It betters a standard T5 lamp while operating at the same 28 watts, and providing a long 25,000–hour rated life. It allows use of a two–lamp T5 replacement in place of a three–lamp T8 system. This lamp will be offered in five standard color temperatures (3000K–6500K).

GE Appliances & Lighting encourages customers to work with GE distributors to address wasteful spending on energy. Several of its energy-cost-saving estimating tools are available online at http://www.gelighting.com/na/business_lighting/education_resources/tools_software/toolkit/. ValueLight, GE's advanced, proprietary cost–of–light tool, is available exclusively through GE distributors.

For more information about GE's high lumen F28W–T5–850–HL–ECO lamp, its F54–T5–841–WM–ECO Watt–Miser lamp, the UltraStart Watt–Miser T5 System, or other GE linear fluorescent lamps or lamp–ballast systems, please visit GELighting.com or call 1–800–GE–LAMPS.