Putting the Spotlight on Products: GE’s New Immersion™ RV40 LED Display Lighting System Makes Grocery Products Shine and Energy Costs Decline

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio, June 2, 2011 — (NYSE: GE) — Grocery, convenience and specialty retailers have a new solution when it comes to efficiently and attractively lighting their refrigerated cases. GE Lighting Solutions, LLC, introduces its latest innovation for LED (light-emitting diode) refrigerated display lighting, the new Immersion™ RV40 LED series for vertical cases. This new system helps retailers cut annual operating costs while enhancing the visual appeal of their merchandise.
Lighting is the second largest contributor to energy costs in U.S. grocery stores, preceded only by refrigeration.¹ It accounts for more than 20 percent of grocery store electricity use, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. By replacing typical fluorescent tubes with GE’s energy-saving Immersion RV40 LED lighting system, retailers drastically reduce energy consumption for case lighting by up to 85 percent when compared to a T12HO fluorescent lamp.

RV40 LED LightBars
The new Immersion™ RV40 LED display lighting system by GE cuts costs for retailers while enhancing the visual appeal of their merchandise. If typical fluorescent tubes are replaced with these new and innovative LEDs, retailers have the opportunity to reduce energy consumption for case lighting by up to 85 percent.

“Retailers are flooded with decisions that can affect the bottom line of their business every day, and GE is at the forefront of advanced LED lighting technology that can make a significant impact by slashing energy consumption and maintenance expenses,” says Philip Fritz, product manager, GE Lighting Solutions. “This innovative solution provides retailers with our shortest payback period yet for savings in energy and maintenance costs.”
The new Immersion RV40 LED system marks the fourth generation of GE’s popular Immersion LED vertical lighting systems, using 45 percent fewer watts per door than previous models. Consuming asfew as 16 watts of electricity per door, this new solution also is compatible with occupancy sensors and can be paired with the recently introduced Immersion RH10 LED series for horizontal refrigerated cases to maximize energy savings.
The innovative design of the system is rated to perform up to 50,000 hours, which is as much as four times longer than traditional fluorescent systems. With more than five years of 24-hour operation without ever having to change out the light source, retailers also will see a significant reduction in maintenance costs. And, unlike fluorescent tubes, LEDs do not require time to warm up and experience no reduction of life from being turned on and off in cold environments. This superior performance and reliability is backed by a five-year limited warranty.
In addition to its energy and maintenance savings, the Immersion RV40 LED solution also offers impressive visual benefits. An innovative optic design offers a bright, more uniform light that spreads evenly across package facings and keeps light directed on the shelf, not wasted on the glass doors and floor. The system’s patent-pending design eliminates distracting glare by hiding the view of the light source, making aisles feel larger and more spacious, and eliminates the contrast between overexposed product near the mullion and the central viewing area. For multiple applications and to allow retailers to create the right look for their stores, the system is available in two standard lengths (60-inch and 70-inch) and warm and cool color temperatures (3500K, 4000K and 5000K).
The advanced-engineered Immersion RV40 LED system also helps retailers curb their environmental impact. Decreased energy usage significantly lowers COemissions, while long life reduces material waste. The new system is RoHS certified, NSF compliant, UL approved with a Class II power supply, and IP 54 rated. It has no UV or infrared and doesn’t contain mercury, lead or glass— making handling and disposal less of a concern.
Mounting clips and multiple installation points on each light bar enable greater ease of installation. Contractors will appreciate that the Immersion RV40 LED system also offers fewer components compared to traditional systems.
GE Lighting Solutions, LLC, a unit of GE Lighting, is a combination of GE's light-emitting diode systems operation, formerly known as Lumination, and its commercial and industrial fixture group, formerly known as GE Lighting Systems.

For more information, visit GE Lighting Solutions' homepage at www.gelightingsolutions.com.