Showing SHOWBIZ®: Daylight Fixture Companies Pair SHOWBIZ® CSR800/SE/HR/UV-C Lamp with Popular Offerings

CLEVELAND, Ohio  (NYSE: GE)  Think of the SHOWBIZ® CSR800/SE/HR/UV-C as the star of one the most extensive ranges of single-ended, hot-restrike metal halide lamps for the film industry. The recently introduced lamp earned its star status when two original equipment lighting fixture manufacturers approved the SHOWBIZ CSR800/SE/HR/UV-C for use with their equipment.
U.S.-based K5600, Inc., pairs the CSR800/SE/HR/UV-C with its JOKER-BUG 800, a recent extension of its line of HMI daylight fixtures.
Switzerland-based Bron Kobold GmbH, makes the CSR800/SE/HR/UV-C available to customers buying any of its versatile Bron Kobold DW 800 HMI fixtures, including the PAR, Open Face, or Soft Box Adapter versions.
The SHOWBIZ CSR800/SE/HR/UV-C lamp delivers 5800 degrees Kelvin, a 90-plus CRI and a rated life of 750 hours. As an added benefit, the new lamp reduces UV emissions by over 90 percent, giving fixture manufacturers added flexibility.
Precise chemical dosing in all SHOWBIZ CSR lamps produces stable lamp color temperatures over the life of the products and ensures consistent performance in all types of fixtures.
Developed through the GE Six Sigma process, the SHOWBIZ CSR800/SE/HR/UV-C further expands GE's full range of high-performance stage and studio lamps. Like every SHOWBIZ product, SHOWBIZ CSR lamps incorporate the latest lighting technologies.
SHOWBIZ® is a registered trademark of General Electric Company.