Exclusive SHOWBIZ® CSR Ultraviolet Control, Single-Ended, Hot-Restrike Metal Halide Lamps Cut UV Emissions Over 85 Percent

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  The newest stable of stars in the SHOWBIZ® line are industry-first exclusives from GE Appliances & Lighting: ultraviolet control (UV-C), single-ended, hot-restrike metal halide lamps that cut total UV emissions over 85 percent and reduce UVB and UVC over 95 percent, compared with GE’s standard CSR hot-restrike lamps. Applications for the new lamp line are in film production settings where maximum light output, reliability, color stability — and now, UV emission reduction — are critically important.
Designed for use in PAR or Fresnel fixtures, the new line of SHOWBIZ CSR UV-C lamps features wattages of 575, 800, 1200, 2500, 4000, and 6000. Each lamp provides light output matching non-UV-C lamps in the respective wattages. Color temperatures of the SHOWBIZ CSR UV-C lamps are 5800 degrees Kelvin. Rated life for each lamp in the new line runs between 300 and 750 hours, depending on the wattage; all of the lamps in the new line provide a color-rendering index over 90.
“GE’s exclusive, new SHOWBIZ CSR UV-C lamps represent a critical first step toward addressing the film industry’s concern about high UV products,” says Gerrry Schuh, SHOWBIZ product manager. “Given all the positives of cutting UV emissions over 85 percent, we envision SHOWBIZ CSR UV-C lamps becoming a standard industry choice.”
Precise chemical dosing in all SHOWBIZ CSR UV-C lamps produces stable lamp color temperatures over the life of the products, and ensures consistent performance in all types of fixtures.
Developed through the GE Six Sigma process, the SHOWBIZ CSR UV-C line of lamps further expands GE's full range of high-performance stage and studio lamps. Like every SHOWBIZ product, SHOWBIZ CSR UV-C lamps incorporate the latest lighting technologies.
SHOWBIZ® is a registered trademark of General Electric Company.