GE StayBright™ Light Engine™ Bolsters Image Consistency and Brightness

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)   Surgeons, nursing staff and biomedical technicians using endoscopy equipment for minimally invasive surgeries can attain a more consistent image for a longer period of time by upgrading from a standard 300-watt ceramic xenon lamp to GE Appliances & Lighting's second-generation 300-watt StayBright™ Light Engine™.
Addressing light output drop-off
The StayBright Light Engine outshines standard xenon lamps that can lose up to half of initial brightness at 500 hours of service —  the point in time when many original equipment manufacturers recommend xenon lamp replacement. In stark contrast is the StayBright Light Engine, which is 30 percent brighter at the 500-hour mark while delivering up to 20 percent more light over the recommended life of the lamp.
By keeping brightness levels higher and stabilizing the output of light, the StayBright Light Engine enables users to reduce the time spent on system corrections and use lamps longer if they choose.
"We believe the consistency of light levels is critically important in applications utilizing xenon lamps for fiber optic illumination," says Shawn Horner, specialty lighting product manager, GE Appliances & Lighting. "StayBright is the new industry standard, because it maintains its brightness better over the life of the lamp and installs easily as a direct replacement for standard xenon lamps."