Tetra® LED Lighting Systems Outshine Fluorescent Tubes in Cabinet Signs Offering 90 Percent Energy Savings

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – March 13, 2012 – (NYSE:GE) – For businesses intent on keeping up appearances, the two newest members of the GE Tetra® LED Lighting Systems family deliver superior light uniformity in shallow cabinet signs. GE Lighting Solutions introduces Tetra EdgeStrip and Tetra miniStrip, which are designed to replace T8 fluorescent tubes by offering a number of features that provide superior visual performance in any climate while delivering up to 90 percent energy savings compared to T8 lamps.
Both Tetra LED Lighting Systems feature GE’s patented OptiLens™ optical lens technology, which captures otherwise wasted light and redirects it toward the illuminated surface to maximize the performance of each LED module and ensure an exceptionally uniform sign. OptiLens eliminates light striping and shadows that can occur with fluorescent tubes.
“Cabinet signs are supposed to grab attention and project a professional brand image. T8 fluorescent tubes don’t always provide uniformity, with the space between tubes appearing dark, leaving an unwanted striping effect,” says Matt Tavernelli, product marketing leader, GE Lighting Solutions. “Tetra EdgeStrip and Tetra miniStrip eliminate this problem in shallow cabinet signs by providing even illumination across the sign face to maintain brand image while also greatly reducing energy consumption.”
Tetra® EdgeStrip
The Tetra®  EdgeStrip is proven to deliver superior light uniformity in shallow cabinet signs, and is designed to replace T8 fluorescent tubes.

GE’s new Tetra LED Lighting Systems for cabinet signs include:
  • Tetra EdgeStrip—designed to fit into the frame of cabinet signs with 3- to 6-inch depths, Tetra EdgeStrip lights signs from the edge, which reduces installation time and the number of LED modules needed. By tightly following the contour of the frame of single- or double-sided signs, Tetra EdgeStrip brings the benefits of LED technology to custom shaped cabinet signs, whether square, curved, or angular, while evenly distributing light to every inch of the sign face.  Trade the higher brightness of T8 Fluorescent tubes for the exceptional uniformity and impressive energy savings of up to 78 percent offered by the advanced technology of Tetra EdgeStrip.
  • Tetra miniStrip and Tetra miniStrip DS—for single-sided signs with 3- to 6-inch depths and double-sided signs with 6- to 12-inch depths (Tetra miniStrip DS), the new LED lighting systems can transform shallow cabinet signs into better looking, better performing images for businesses. Tetra miniStrip offers energy savings up to 90 percent and Tetra miniStrip DS offers savings up to 79 percent compared to overlit T8 fluorescent tubes, while also eliminating cold weather concerns by maintaining constant light output in any temperature.
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