GE Shows Commercial Facilities How Strategically Placed Air-Cleaning UVGI Solution Eliminates Wasteful Energy and Maintenance Costs

Forms supply relationship with UltraViolet Devices, Inc.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  The GE Lighting & Electrical Institute, a customer education facility on GE Appliances & Lighting's Nela Park campus, took some of its own medicine recently in the form of an ultra-violet germicidal irradiation solution (UVC lamps and UV systems) installed in the three air handlers that provide all heating and cooling for the Institute's buildings.

The installation combines GE lamps with UV systems made by California-based UltraViolet Devices, Inc., a leading high-volume manufacturer and supplier of purification products for surface, air, water and effluent treatment. GE Appliances & Lighting will work with UltraViolet Devices to increase awareness of UVC technology and to outfit the company's ALTRU-V® systems with GE germicidal lamps.

"GE UVC technology produces improved air quality as well as HVAC system efficiency by keeping cooling coils clean and eliminating the need for certain courses of maintenance," says Mary Beth Gotti, director of the GE Lighting & Electrical Institute.

GE's test installation – visible for demonstration purposes through a UV-screened porthole – represents new thinking about how hospitals and other commercial facilities can effectively reduce HVAC energy and maintenance costs, while cleaning the air provided for a building's occupants.

Search and destroy mission
Before the GE UVGI solution was installed, swab samples were collected and tested for biological growth on the coils. Even though the coils looked very clean to the naked eye, laboratory results showed growth of the fungus Penicillium. After the GE UVGI solution was installed and operating for 30 days, new swab samples were taken. The new tests indicated that the Penicillium had been eliminated.

"What we've discovered through this testing," says Gotti, "is how to set up a GE UVGI solution for both corrective and sustainable air-quality improvements."

The use of UVC light inside the air-handling units of an HVAC system stops the growth of all organisms on cooling coils. It also increases the system's heat transfer efficiency, which eliminates the need for cleaning. This means lower operating and maintenance costs, as well as the reduction or elimination of worker exposure to these dangerous organisms and the caustic chemicals typically used to clean a system.

The GE UVGI solution in the GE Lighting & Electrical Institute operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so the coils are continually cleaned to prevent any new organism growth. Annual lamp replacement is the only maintenance required on these systems.

"GE UVGI solutions have become addendums to many of the lighting and electrical solutions that we're presenting to commercial and industrial customers," says Ed Panelli, general manager, healthcare enterprise selling, GE Appliances & Lighting. "The financial and air quality benefits a building's occupants will see, combined with rapid payback periods, makes a GE UVGI installation an easy decision for facility managers."

Dan Goetz, president of UltraViolet Devices, states, "UVDI is proud to bring its 50-plus years of UVC application experience to a world-class company such as GE. GE has demonstrated that they understand the benefits UVC technology can bring to a number of diverse applications. Furthermore, they have shown the dedication to help bring the technology to a much broader audience than it has been able to reach up until now."

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