New GE Website Helps Consumers Discover Their Lighting Style

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  Lighting is as important to home décor as paint or accessories. It can make rooms cozier, more motivating, and even more intimate. GE's newly launched (also reachable at helps consumers weigh whether their interior lighting choices match their personal style. At the new site, designer and ''GE Lighting Guy'' Brice Cooper describes four distinct lighting personalities, while offering tips and techniques that will help create a room to reflect different lighting styles. 

GE asks: What's your lighting style?

Blank Canvas — Have you always had a knack for arts and crafts? Do you love spending free time creating something from scratch? If you've envisioned yourself as an artist, then you're a Blank Canvas, Finger Painting, and Color Palette Lighting Style.

Hopeless Romantic — Do wine and roses hold a place in your heart? Does a moonlit walk on the beach sound like the perfect way to end a day? If passion is your passion, then you're a Hopeless Romantic, Jazzy Ambiance, and Silk Robe Lighting Style.

Busy Bee — Are you someone who thrives on challenges? Are you skilled at juggling numerous tasks simultaneously with style? If you get a kick out of tackling the big projects, then you're a Busy Bee, Mover-and-Shaker, Up and At 'em Lighting Style.

Fuzzy Slippers— Do you love curling up on the couch with a good book, a movie or a loved one? On a Saturday afternoon, would your feet most likely sport fuzzy slippers rather than hiking boots? If you love to kick back and relax then you're a Fuzzy Slippers, Footy Pajamas, and Knitted Blanket Lighting Style.

Consumers visiting gain access to a library of videos, printable files filled with lighting design tips, and recommendations for ENERGY STAR®-qualified GE Energy Smart® light bulbs needed to create each mood.

''With so many new GE Energy Smart light bulb options now available — including mini, covered decorative, dimming, 3-way and 150-watt equivalent bulbs — it's now easier than ever for consumers to find the right bulb to fit nearly any fixture, create the ambience that reflects their personal lighting style and get the money and energy savings they crave,'' says Cooper.

Instant-on GE Energy Smart bulbs — products of ecomaginationsm — use 70-75 percent less energy than comparable standard incandescent bulbs while lasting eight to 10 times longer.

Site visitors may also enter to win a $25,000 grand prize in GE's $100,000 What's Your Lighting Style sweepstakes.