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GE LEDs Look Book
January 04, 2016

GE Lighting Leading LED Innovation

GE has always been the trusted resource for lighting innovation, and today we continue to light the way with energy-efficient solutions that answer customers’ needs. As LED adoption grows, GE continues to innovate, anticipating trends and shaping the...

Holiday Lighting infographic
December 03, 2015

Bright Lights for Holiday Nights: Everything You Need to Know About Holiday Lighting and LEDs

Learn more about how GE and LEDs light up the...

IES 2015 Progress Report Seal
November 09, 2015

Leading Lighting Industry Organization Recognizes, Showcases LED Lighting Products by GE

Innovation in LED lighting has earned GE high industry acclaim yet again: Five recently launched LED products from GE will be showcased today at the annual conference of The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES).

Introducing C by GE
October 29, 2015

GE Lighting Unveils Connected Lighting Designed for Sleep Cycles Via Its First E-Commerce Business

Today’s smart home market is anything but simple—it’s very fragmented with no clear platform winner. GE wants to make it easy for consumers to use smart LED lighting, while ensuring interoperability and a positive...

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