The Evolution of Lighting

Edison may have invented incandescent lighting, but the years since have been witness to an amazing series of improvements and new technologies, many of which were developed by the researchers at General Electric.
1911 Ductile Tungsten Lamp
Shock-resistant filament enabled automobile and railroad lighting

1925 Inside Frost Lamp
Softer and more even lighting for homes and offices

1930 Photoflash Lamp
Replaced flash powder used by professional photographers

1934 Mercury Vapor Lamp
First high-pressure gaseous discharge lamp — better performance and economy

1938 Fluorescent Lamp
First practical low-pressure discharge lamp to provide white light 

1939 Sealed Beam Headlight
Excellent beam control, which did not grow dim with age

1945 Circline™ Fluorescent
Maximum amount of fluorescent light in small space

1949 Soft White Bulb
Improved light dispersion and virtually glare-free

1959 Halogen Lamp
Crisp, pure white light in a small size

1961 Lucalox High-Pressure Sodium Lamps
Highest efficacy general lighting source ever

1962 Light Emitting Diode (LED)
Invented by GE. Electricity is transformed into light inside a solid crystal of semiconductor material 

1974 Watt-Miser Fluorescent Lamp
First reduced-wattage fluorescent

1975 Precise MR16
Compact low voltage light source with precise optical control

1986 Biax Fluorescent
Highly energy-efficient 40-watt fluorescent for home use

1989 Halogen-IR™ Par Lamp
First halogen bulb with reflective coating for superior efficiency

1990 2D
Unique low-profile compact lamp, extending range of fluorescent applications

1994 Genura™ Fluorescent Lamp
The first practical compact "induction" (electrodeless) fluorescent lamp 

1996 ConstantColor CMH
New hybrid HID technology providing high efficiency and superior performance

1997 Starcoat™
Improved fluorescent lamp coating for superior lumen maintenance

1997 Ecolux
Reduced mercury content lamps, which pass a TCLP test without sacrificing lamp performance

1998 Starcoat XL AND Ecolux XL
Premium fluorescent lamps with extended life

1999 Pulsarc
New metal halide systems with significantly improved performance over life

2000 Halogen IR Silv-IR™
Vibration-resistant halogen product utilizing and exclusive thin film technology

2000 24-Volt Halogen Family
Offers more options for low voltage lamps, increased number of lamps per track run

2000 StayBright Watt-Miser Multi-Vapor
New energy-saving metal halide retrofit lamp provides improved lumen maintenance over standard lamps

2000 T5 Fluorescent Lamp
Smaller in diameter a fluorescent lamp that provides energy-efficient solutions for a variety of applications 

2001 T8 Watt-Miser
Maximum energy savings without compromising light output or life performance 

2001 Diamond Precise
MR16 low-voltage beam optics with the ease and convenience of a medium screw-in base

2001 SportStar™ Multi-Vapor
New improved metal halide lamp has the highest lumen output when operated in any burning position 

2001 57QBX and 70QBX Biax
57W and 70W plug-in fluorescent lamps with the light output of low wattage metal halide

2001 T8 SXL™
Super long-life T8 lamp (36,000hrs) for reducing maintenance costs

2001 Spiral CFL Lamp
Tube geometry reduces overall size to that of comparable standard incandescent lamp 

2001 Reveal Incandescent Lamp
Neodymium glass filters out yellow to produce richer, move vivid colors 

2002 350 Watt ConstantColor CMH SPXX
Energy-saving design in the higher wattage ceramic metal halide family that provides vibrant color.

2002 F32T8 Hi-Lumen Fluorescent Lamp
Higher light output than standard T8 lamps 

2002 CFL Reflector Lamps
Energy-efficient fluorescent lamps with glass reflectors for downlighting and other applications 

2003 UltraMax™
High efficiency, more adaptable and delivers optimal lamp performance 

2003 28 Watt T8 Fluorescent Lamp
Lowest wattage T8 fluorescent lamp for use with the UltraMax ballast to achieve maximum energy savings 

2003 Retail HIR Halogen PAR 38
Thin film HIR and silver reflector technologies have 46 percent higher efficiency than standard halogens 

2003 300/320 Watt CMH
First dual-wattage ceramic metal halide lamp that can operate on two different ballasts and provide the same high-color rendering
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