Four Times the Life with Q5559 Quartz Halogen Aircraft Landing Light

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  Continuing the tradition of long-life, energy-efficient lighting from GE Appliances & Lighting is the new 600-watt Q5559 Quartz Halogen Aircraft Landing Lamp, an addition to GE's comprehensive line of sealed-beam Specialty Lighting products that uses innovative halogen chemistry to last up to four times longer than standard incandescent lamps.
The new lamp has a life rating of 200 hours, which is double the life of its predecessor, the Q4559X. Its Heli-Spud coil and Tri-Pod mount technology maximize light output and life, allowing for increased efficiency and decreased maintenance costs.
Developed through the GE Six Sigma process, the Q5559 quartz halogen aircraft lamp incorporates the latest lighting technologies. Advantages of this technology include:
  • "Getter" technology to avoid early blackening of incandescent quartz halogen lamps
  • Filament winding on lead wires for a more robust attachment versus a weld
  • Vertically integrated production for best quality control of components
GE now offers one source for all aircraft landing lamp types, including sealed beam, miniature, quartz, fluorescent and subminiature.