Life Savings: Ultra T8 Lamps and UltraStart™ Program–Start Ballasts Extend Lamp Life, Efficiency

CLEVELAND, Ohio — (NYSE: GE)  GE Appliances & Lighting's most efficient Ultra Energy Saving T8 linear fluorescent lamps — F28T8, F32T8/XL/HL and F32T8/XL/WM — pair perfectly with the company's UltraStart™ multivolt (120–277V) program–start ballasts offered in .60BF, .71BF, .89BF or 1.15 ballast factors. These ballasts significantly extend lamp life and reduce energy use compared to standard ballasts. The UltraStart ballast matches instant–start high-efficiency energy savings and performance benefits, while protecting lamp life in frequently switched applications (five or more switches per day). 

This Ultra T8 lamp–UltraStart ballast combination is an ideal system to use with occupancy sensors or other electronic controls that offer cost–effective energy savings.

When used with the UltraStart program–start ballast in settings such as office and industrial buildings, warehouses, retail chains, schools, hospitals and government buildings, the GE F28T8 lamp can deliver a 15 percent reduction in wattage compared with a standard 3–lamp F32T8 system. It also offers a 24,000–hour rated life at 12 hours per start, 2,750 initial lumens and a color–rendering index (CRI) of 85.

The F32T8/XL/WM lamp works with UltraStart program start ballasts to deliver a 6 percent reduction in wattage compared with a standard 3–lamp F32T8 system. The F32T8/XL/WM offers a 29,000–hour life at 12 hours per start, 2,800 initial lumens and a CRI of 84.

The F32T8/XL/HL offers 10 percent more initial lumens than the standard T8 (3,100 vs. 2,800) and up to a 29,000–hour life at 12 hours per start. Energy savings can be achieved by using three F32T8 High Lumen lamps instead of four standard F32T8 lamps.

UltraStart program start ballasts incorporate instant–start ballast features and deliver instant–start ballast performance. UltraStart offers the same energy savings as high–efficiency (90 percent plus) T8 instant–start ballasts, and it is the only T8 program–start ballast available today to operate in parallel mode, a design attribute that keeps lamps working when other lamps fail. The UltraStart program–start ballast system features a speedy and virtually undetectable 0.5 second start time, a rate that keeps pace with instant–start ballasts, and is up to three times faster than standard, program–start ballasts. UltraStart extends lamp life by 18 percent to greater than 200 percent vs. instant start ballasts in frequently switched applications.

GE Appliances & Lighting encourages customers to work with GE distributors to address wasteful spending on energy. Several of its energy cost saving estimating tools are available online at ValueLight, GE's advanced, proprietary cost–of–light tool, is available exclusively through GE distributors.

For more information about using the GE F28T8, F32T8/XL/HL and F32T8/XL/WM lamps with the UltraStart™ program–start ballast, please contact your local GE supplier, visit, or call 1–800–GE–LAMPS.
UltraStart™ is a trademark of the General Electric Company.